YOU control your OWN mindset!


Just a mindset blog post today.

I can’t even think of blogging about what I do without first setting the tone for how our minds SHOULD be working!

I came across this post today on Facebook….

Your best thinking has created the situation you’re in right now.

It’s not the economy.
It’s not your boss.
It’s not the Republicans.
It’s not the Democrats.
It’s not your employees.
It’s not your negative relatives.
It’s not the gay guy.
It’s not the white girl.
It’s not your unsupportive spouse.
It’s not the Christian.
It’s not the atheist.

There are other people succeeding in the EXACT same environment that you’re struggling in.

It’s a difficult thing to realize and accept. But if you want a better situation, you MUST take ownership of that fact and stop making excuses for why you’re not doing better.

Only then can you start actually moving in a powerful way.

When I got this… whole life changed.


I mean…so much there to talk about! So let’s dig in!

When you make excuses, you only hurt yourself…

It seems like society is really stuck right now in blaming everyone and neglecting to look within to see if they themselves can try to be better to remedy a problem.

It’s blatantly apparent in my home state right now of Indiana. Our governor just passed a bill..something about religious freedom, which (from what I’ve read) gives businesses the right to deny service to people who do not fit their “type of customer”.

I can’t even KIND OF get into how that makes me feel (somewhere between throwing flaming coals at the governor and poking pointy things at him while he squirms), because we’d be here all day.

The reason I bring it up, is because of the discussion I’ve seen take place surrounding it. From both sides. Everyone wants to blame the other side for the reasons they have to support or stand against the law.

I’m a firm believer in LOVE being the BIGGEST FIX our world can have today…

I truly, honestly, in a rainbows and unicorns kinda way, believe that if we could all just truly understand the meaning of love, learn how to look inward a little, and strive to be better….a LOT of the world’s “issues” wouldn’t even be issues.

There would be more…







And a whole lot less…





Don’t you agree?

So before you decide to blame someone or something else for the thing you see as an injustice, first try to look at it from a place of PURE love. You aren’t perfect. Life isn’t perfect. Realize that, and look inside yourself. Be more gracious. Be more loving. Be more patient. Be more positive. Be more giving. I guarantee you that when you do, you’ll get more love, more peace, more happy, more success…than you ever have before. It’s all about your mindset and how you want to make a difference for yourself and others <3



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