Work from Home Careers

Work from Home Careers

work from home careers Something I’ve been really pondering lately is the idea of work from home careers…

As a single, stay at home mom it can be tough sometimes to make it all work. Heck, as a non-single stay at home mom it was tough sometimes to make it all work.

Moms are rockstars. Hands down. We hold it all together, and without us, the world would simply fall apart. I’m convinced of it 😉

But I know for SURE, that I couldn’t do all that I do to care for and be there for my kids if I didn’t have an open mind about work from home careers.

But there are a few things you have to consider when considering work from home careers…

First and foremost, a person who works from home has to have some serious discipline. To be honest, lately, I’ve fallen into a non-disciplined slump. To be even more honest, my paycheck has continued to come in even while I haven’t been working my blog/this business.

Can you say that about a normal job? You don’t show up for work, but you still get a paycheck! No way you can say that about most other opportunities!

Work from home careers offer the flexibility to work when you CAN. When you make time for it and keep up the discipline, you can make any career work from home!

Work from home careers warnings!

Not all opportunities are created equal. There are a lot of scammy possibilities out there.

“Just copy and paste emails all day, make LOADS of money.”
“Can you make a few calls a week? Earn a solid income.”
Send in $500 to me, and I’ll turn that around to $1000.”

If someone promised you very little work for a whole lotta money, run for the hills.

Most work from home careers take a decent amount of work to make them work. But I’ll be straight with you, when you can work less hours than a full-time job and do it all from home and earn more with the capability to grow WAY beyond your management level’s paycheck….the benefits outweigh the potential work.

Work from home careers aren’t for the lazy or undisciplined. It takes work. But work that is worth it in TIME and money.

If you’re interested in a valid work from home career that I work in order to stay home with my kids as a single mom, click here.


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