What’s the Deal With Sugar?

whats the deal with sugar



There’s been a lot of talk lately about sugar. Is it bad or is it good? What types are better or worse? What about artificial sweeteners?

So I did my reading. 😉

Basically, everything you eat is broken down into glucose, so, in a nutshell, your body lives on sugar. But that’s not entirely the case. If that WERE the case, you could just eat sugary junk all day and be just fine. The amount and type of “sugar” you ingest is what matters.

Naturally occuring sugar, like that in fruits, is ok in moderation. I think a lot of people get caught up in the idea that “all food turns to sugar, so fruit is good for you”. Not really true.

Listen, I DIG a good summer peach and bananas rock my socks RIGHT OFF, but because our body converts all foods to sugar, we don’t need sugary foods to fuel us. We NEED protein and veggies. 😉

I’m not even preaching at you or anything…I’m the queen of cookie dough and candy. Seriously.

But I do get bent out of shape when people try to pass off things as “healthy” because they use “fruit juice” to sweeten or …even worse…artificial sweeteners.

Don’t be fooled by that, friends. Fruit juice sweetened is still added sugar that you don’t need. There are lots of people who believe that eating all fruits is super good for you, and I used to be that way too. But when you start filling your body with good protein (lean, grassfed meats, nuts, nut butters), good fats (coconut oil, grassfed butter), and allll the colors of veggies…you realize that your body is much happier with the GOOD good stuff.

When I stopped eating sugar  (or even just when I toned it down), I didn’t THINK I noticed a difference…until I had a night of strawberries and brownies. I woke up the next day with what felt like a hangover! Sugar is ROUGH on our bodies. Our livers don’t know how to process it well enough, especially because practically ALL of our food in the US has added sugar in it already. So adding STRAIGHT sugar in the form of candy or fruits, just adds to the already insane amounts we’re eating.

Sugar has been compared to cocaine. And that includes all forms of sugar.

If that doesn’t open some eyes, I’m not sure what will.

To be honest, it’s a constant struggle. I just ate a whole package of Starburst in one sitting the other day. It’s hard. But it’s hard to stay away because we’re addicted. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be addicted to ANYTHING.

This little rant comes to you on behalf of yourself. Don’t be fooled by flashy packaging, Instagram ads, or Facebook claims that a product is “healthy” just because it’s sweetened with something “natural”. Just stick to whole foods and water. You don’t need sugar added to ANYTHING you consume. Your body will thank you.

And remember, I’m right there with you. It’s a struggle some days….but it’s worth the effort. You got this!

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