What Is Direct Sales?

what is direct sales

what is direct sales

What is direct sales?

If you’re here, it’s probably because you’ve seen someone talking about direct sales, but you want to know what that even means.

What are the ins and outs?

Why are so many people doing it all of a sudden?

Isn’t it like those pyramid schemes?

How does it work?

Why is it different than it used to be?

How could it work for me?

Is it a good fit for me?

Why would I want to have my hand in direct sales?

And probably a lot of other questions!
So let’s just jump right into the main question of what is direct sales?

What is direct sales? It’s flat out…INSANE!

Direct sales is a marketing platform. Lots of companies use it and lots of companies are moving to this method of marketing. Why? Because it’s just a better way.

When you go out to dinner with your family, and you have the BEST lobster you’ve ever had….what’s the first thing you do?

You tell your girlfriends, your church friends, your co-workers…

That is direct sales at it’s finest…only, the company didn’t have to pay you to advertise. You did it for them…and you got nothing.

So what is direct sales?

Direct sales PAYS you to share products you love.

Just think if McDonalds offered you $.50 everytime someone went in and grabbed a Big Mac b/c you referred them.

You’d be tellin’ the world about Big Macs! 😉

Direct sales companies offer every day products, but rather than hiring an advertising/sales team like corporate sales do, they “hire” independent sales reps.

We get to tell people about awesome, life-changing products that we love.

We get to make money when people buy them.

We get to build a team of reps and make money that way too.

Direct sales pays out a higher percentage than almost any other sales job ever. AND, it’s way easier.

No clocking in and out. No boss. No alarm clock. No sales quotas.

What is direct sales?….is it for me?…I have some thoughts about direct sales already…what about them?

A lot of people THINK they know about direct sales. Their mom’s friend’s aunt joined a company 10 years ago, and she didn’t make any money…so they must be scammy right?


Direct sales is very reputable…IF you work with a legitimate company.

But that’s the same with anything right?

The mom and pop coffee shop around the corner might have been shut down by the board of health for mice, but that doesn’t stop you from going to the Dunkin Donuts just down the street, does it?

Direct sales is backed by top millionaire entrepreneurs like:

Donald Trump

Robert Kiyosaki

Bill Gates

Warren Buffet

Any of those names ring a bell?

They stand by and recommend direct sales. Seems pretty legitimate.

But you have qualms, questions, preconceived notions, fears, worries.

I get that, we all do…about most everything new in life.

Check out this video series I did about some top misconceptions when it comes to succeeding with direct sales.

Direct sales is changing millions of lives every single day. My advice is to find a product and a company you can get behind and start spreading the news.

Lots of people have the question, what is direct sales?

Start rockin’ it and let em know! 😀

If you have questions about what I do and how I work my direct sales business, please text me @ 765-382-WRAP

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