Weight Loss Body Wraps

weight loss body wraps

Searching for weight loss body wraps?

You might be searching for weight loss body wraps. You want something that is going to take off the weight you don’t want, and just in time for summer or an event. You want something simple but you want it to work. Let me kick you out of your mindset for just a minute, can I?

Can I give you some tough love? Did you gain the weight with one or two twinkies? Probably not. So if you are catching yourself thinking that you’re going to buy into a magic bullet by finding body wraps for weight loss, then you might just be leading yourself astray.

Speaking of being led astray…

Think you’ve found  weight loss body wraps?

In your weight loss body wraps searching, you may have come across a few wraps which boast weight loss abilities. I want to clear the air here. NOTHING…yes, I said NOTHING will wrap your body and cause weight to go away stat. Nothing. Swear.

Weight gain takes time, and so does weight loss. It’s easy to put on, and not as easy to take off. There are always things you can do to boost your weight loss, but body wraps are only good for contouring your body and enhancing your skin. Which is AWESOME and VERY helpful…but they don’t CAUSE weight loss.

If you head to a salon or buy a wrap online that promises weight loss, beware. IF (and I use the term IF heavily) you see results, they won’t be on the scale. Body wraps, in the traditional sense, cause water weight loss. This means, that you get great results initially, and then lose those results almost immediately following the wrap.

Some body wraps tend to suck the water right out of your body, which can cause dehydration, skin irritation, and more. All things which may give temporary results…but at what risk?

So are It Works wraps weight loss body wraps?

NO! 🙂

It Works body wraps are NOT weight loss body wraps. It Works body wraps work WITH your body, not against it. They help to hydrate, tighten, tone, and firm your skin reducing the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. They are slimming body wraps. Do a full treatment, fit into your skinny jeans.

And do the results fade like other wraps right away? NO! It Works wraps results last 2-6 months (depending on your eating habits).

Here’s something else that differs….we encourage water drinking, so we aren’t a water weight loss body wrap. We nourish your body AND help you get the slimming results you’re looking for!

It’s also not a full body wrap. You don’t have to go to a salon or spa and get naked in front of a stranger. You wrap in your own home, in private, and it’s site specific. Wherever you wrap, you see results in as little as 45 minutes!

Do you want more information about It Works body wraps? Click the button below to order your own or click here for more info!

weight loss body wraps

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