Ultimate Body Applicator Scam!?

Ultimate Body Applicator Scam

Ultimate Body Applicator Scam

Do you think that the Ultimate Body Applicator Scam is REALLY a scam?

A lot of people think that the Ultimate Body Applicator Scam is in full swing as that crazy wrap thing sweeps the nations by storm, but I’m here to help you sort out the truth from the fiction.

As with anything…ever…in the history of the WORLD, there are rumors that whatever “it” is, is a good or bad thing depending on who is talking about it.

Health care reform…there are those who love it and those who hate it.

Birth control..there are those who love it and those who hate it.

Abortion…those who love it and those who hate it.

And I will NOT …

…DEFINITELY not be going into THOSE heated topics here! LOL

But I will tell you what I know to be absolute, honest, truth about the Ultimate Body Applicator. 🙂

Let’s get to the bottom of the Ultimate Body Applicator Scam…

Let’s just start with what it IS.

The It Works body wrap is a site specific wrap which can be used anywhere on the body to tighten, tone, and firm the skin.It’s botanically based and completely natural. The wrap was formulated in Mexico and was only marketed to medi-spas before It Works bought the rights to it. The salon owners in Mexico sold an individual treatment for close to $300.

The Ultimate Body Applicator now comes in a box of four wraps (one treatment) to the general public for $99.  It is marketed through independent business owners. You can access the It Works Loyal Customer Program to get a full treatment for $59.

The Ultimate Body Applicator Scam is given that name because there have been reviews done by people who may or may not have followed all of the directions.

Let’s talk about that…

Is it REALLY an Ultimate Body Applicator SCAM??

The biggest part of me believes that the Ultimate Body Applicator Scam was made up of people who either didn’t do the wraps correctly or started working with the company and quit. Let’s talk about both of those.

The wraps are SUPER simple, but you do have to do a few things to get the max results.

  • Take a before and after photo
  • Drink half your weight in ounces during the wrap and for the following 72 hours
  • Steer clear of toxins…diet soda, alcohol, cigarettes, etc

Pretty easy right? But people tend to skip one or more steps, and then when they don’t see results, they get fussy.

Another pretty important thing to remember, is that not everyone gets CRAAZZZY results after one wrap. A full treatment is four wraps. 🙂 You WILL see results. Promise.

Now…about the business.

With any network marketing company, there will always be people who got in, dabbled in it, and quit. Then those people tend to bad mouth the company and it’s products. It happens with almost every company. It happens with almost anything.

Not everyone loves WalMart…Ya dig?

So when you see something that says a product or company is a scam, take time to consider the source. Take time to try it for yourself. Don’t be a sheep and just follow what you saw someone else say. See for yourself. 🙂 Be an individual. If you think the wraps sound interesting, give em a shot.

Order for $99.

Order for $59.

Sell The Ultimate Body Applicator.



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