Hot Mama Top 100 Rockstar Bloggers

Here’s the Top 100 list of my all-time, top favorite, ROCKSTAR mom (and a few dad) bloggers! (I’ll add more as I find more! I love to share the love 🙂 )

They are in no particular order! 😉

It’s like 4 year old tee ball…everyone gets a trophy, because they ALL totally ROCK!

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What makes them my top 100?
I tend to love humor, humor and more humor.
I also love a clean layout, practical tips, mom stories, and recipes that aren’t fancy.
So, if you like those things, you will LOVE my list!
Show these rockstar moms (and dads) some Hot Mama LOVE!


  1. Scary Mommy
    I feel like this should be a no-brainer for any real-life mom (or dad) out there. The posts are hilarious, and let’s not forget the “CONFESSIONAL”!
  2. The Naughty Mommy
    I recently came across this mama blogger because she does a run down each week of The Bachelor, which I love. I laugh EVERY.SINGLE. TIME. She’s awesome.
  3. Tricia Adkins
    I came across this mama because she does a hysterical “weekly offended” list where she writes out the things that have offended her. I laughed…real hard.
  4. Quirky Momma
    This blog is so colorful, is perfect if you have kids, and is FULL of activities! Great resource and fun to read!
  5. A Helicopter Mom
    A sweet blog with lots of recipes and giveaways! We all love giveaways, right?
  6. Mom’s Pantry Kitchen
    FULL of great recipes INCLUDING a “search by ingredient” bar, which I love!
  7. The Lazy Mom Cooks
    This mama blog has an awesome layout and is chock-full of SIMPLE recipes. We need a little more simple in our lives, right?
  8. Geek Mom
    Because we all ‘geek’ our kids 😀
  9. Fabulous Mom Blog
    Simply laid out, awesome reviews, and Disney info!
  10. Beauty Brite
    Cool blog with beauty tips, parenting children with autism, and giveaways/reviews too! It’s a little bit of everything blog, and those are the best kind!
  11. Mom Blog
    A blog for healthy living and parenting.
  12. Jen Hatmaker
    She is funny, informative, and inspirational. A combination that totally wins in my book!
  13. Eden Riley
    She is thoughtful and funny, and was voted “Best Australia Blogger 2012”!
  14. I Give You The Verbs
    Baking and humor. For the win.
  15. Life and Other Crises
    She drew me in with a HILARIOUS post about pizza. Do yourself a favor and click.
  16. Slow Your Home
    A blog about simpler living, which I find myself needing often.
  17. Free Range in Suburbia
    Her about section totally hooked me into wanting to follow!
  18. Keeping Up With The Holsbys
    Gorgeous and fun blog to follow!
  19. Baby-Mac
    Gorgeous photo work and awesome recipes. I want to eat the pages of her blog 🙂
  20. The Veggie Mama
    A simple layout with recipes and crafts, among which is crochet…so you KNOW I was ‘hooked’ 😉
  21. Rage Against The Minivan
    With a name like that, you’re right to expect hilarity!
  22. Mothering The Manic
    This mama is a personal friend (a virtual friend, who I only know online…which is just SO cool!) who blogs about parenting children with mental illness.
  23. Corporette Moms
    For the mama who is an overachiever 😉
  24. The Humbled Homemaker
    This blog is all about simple and natural living. She also gives great tips and savings ideas!
  25. June Cleaver In Yoga Pants
    This is also a mom friend from online! The blog name just rocks my socks, and she has some great tips!
  26. Berylayn Young
    Awesome photography on this blog about motherhood.
  27. Single Dad Laughing
  28. Rants from Mommyland
    Again Hil.Ar.I.Ty
  29. Pregnant Chicken
    Great resources and super funny content.
  30. Mommy Shorts
    This is a NYC mommy blog…and she has a WIT category. Be still my giggling heart.
  31. Crafty Bonds
    About crafts and relationships. I love that mashup.
  32. The Realistic Mama
    “…because perfect parenting is OVERRATED.” <–I relate to that.
  33. Spaceships and And Laser Beams
    ALL the fun stuff!
  34. Mimi’s Humble Pie
    Early Childhood Education crafts and more. It’s an ADORABLE site!
  35. Our Family World
    Tips for everything under the sun!
  36. Maroc Mama
    GORGEOUS travel blog!
  37. Shabby Grace Blog
    GORGEOUS home, photos, and ideas!
  38. Your Modern Family
    Money, Family, and Recipes!
  39. Early Bird Mom
    Organization help for moms!
  40. Tales of Beauty for Ashes
    Really smart and helpful posts-recipes, tips, and more!
  41. Abadabing
    A mom, posting mom stuff 😀
  42. Fun Money Finds
  43. Not Your Average Mom
  44. No Wire Hangers Ever Blog
    Her Little League hilarity totally hooked me.
  45. Sugar Free Ear Candy
    Her very first post was an awesome blog response to the “No More Leggings” post that went viral.
  46. Manic Mumbling
    Honest, funny, thoughtful.
  47. Peanut Butter Hair
    The name really should entice you enough 😉
  48. Vanilla House Wife
    Recipes, tips, motherhood, and humor.
  49. Wit and Spit Up
    Rated a TOP Humor Mom Blog!
  50. Snarky Mommy
    This was almost my blog name, so I have a special spot in my heart for this blog! 😀 Amy is hilarious!
  51. Short Fat Dictator
    Do you really need an explanation about a blog with that name? 😀
  52. Woulda Coulda Shoulda
    Her story is SO great!
  53. Complicated Mama
  54. Shit My Kids Ruined
    Snarky and giggle-tastic!
  55. Bedtimes Are For Suckers
    That name tho!
  56. Girl to Mom
    Her tagline defines my life (And I only have boys 😉 )
  57. Naps Happen
    I WISH! But seriously, great blog!
  58. Yeah Good Times
    Her “about” is EPIC!
  59. Harry Times
    Real, funny, and REAL funny.
  60. I am That Lady
    Came across her VERY popular pin “25 Meals for $150 at Aldi! Her whole blog is full of gems like that!
  61. Dirt and Boogers
    Awesome advice from a children’s mental health counselor!
  62. Sarah Titus
    Money saving and blogging advice.
  63. How Does She
    “Woman Sharing Ideas”…what else do you need to know? 🙂
  64. Premeditated Leftovers
    I follow this mama blogger on Facebook, and she shares some awesome stuff!
  65. A Sip of Southern Sunshine
    “Welcome to My Front Porch”—She truly makes you feel like you just sat down on her porch swing with a sweet tea to talk recipes and mom-life!
  66. The Glamorous Housewife
    If you are a woman and you like vintage, you’ll LOVE Bethany!
  67. OMG Chocolate Desserts
    Because, chocolate.
  68. Flour Box Bakery
    Not a normal “mom blog”, but I’ fascinated with her cookie skillz! You can buy em or learn her craft!
  69. Amy Smart Girls
    Amy Poehler started this blog! Inspirational, engaging, and artful!
  70. Sweet As A Cookie
    “Simple delicious meals” totally hooked me in!
  71. Choking on Applesauce
    Hilarious and vulnerable blog about motherhood’s not-so-glam moments.
  72. By Clint Edwards
    Another hilarious dad blog 😉
  73. Toni Hammer
    “Is it bedtime yet?”–Pretty much explains why all moms will love her.
  74. The Outnumbered Mother
    Featured on Today’s 10 Funniest Parents on Facebook. Now THAT’S LEGIT!
  75. When Crazy Meets Exhaustion
    I’ll be honest, I loved her based on her blog header. 😀
  76. Sammiches and Psych Meds
    Her “New? Start Here” tab=Hil.Ar.I.Ty
  77. That’s Damn Good
    ALLLL the food!
  78. Cookie Named Desire
    Gorgeous pics, GOOD recipes, and practical tips!
  79. One Mighty Mama
    Easy layout, down to earth, and practical mama blog.
  80. The Neurotic Mom
    Simple and thoughtful
  81. The Saucy Dish
    A pancake “creepy ultrasound” dream me into this witty mama’s blog.
  82. Eat Drink and Save Money
    About=Hannah is a Martha Stewart wannabe on a shoestring budget. I can relate!
  83. Savvy Sweet Life
    She has the SWEETEST little boy she blogs about!
  84. Nessa’s World
    Great tips, clean layout, adorable baby. What more could you want from a blog?
  85. MultiTask Momma
    She links up with lots of other great blogs, so you get the best of lots of worlds!
  86. Me Me and She She
    Her FAQ is AWESOME 😀
  87. Mom Among Chaos
    Her “Movement of Jean Haters” made me know I was in the right place.
  88. Caffeinated Chaos
    A wahm/sahm like me!
  89. Mom Fabulous
  90. Zipline Parenting
    Parenting of teens…ohhhh..the teen years are coming!
  91. Cynthia Dixon
    A great down-to-earth mommy with boys on the autistic spectrum.
  92. Teacher by Trade-Mother by Nature
    Clean, Simple, Practical, and laced with some sweet humor.
  93. BloGirl
    Really engaging with fun graphics!
  94. The Golden Rule Kids
    2 boys. Attachment parenting blog!
  95. Mum Reinvented
    Good writer, relevant, on toddler to teen parenting!
  96. Mommy Sanest
    Clean layout and valuable, thoughtful posts.
  97. Oil Field Mom Survival Guide
    The name says it all! These moms are ROCKSTARS!
  98. Goofball Mommy
    Down-to-earth mom posts!
  99. A Splendid Messy Life
    GREAT reviews!
  100. The Mind Of Mom
    Such a clean layout, fashion that I adore, DIYs, and more!

Leave A Reply (30 comments So Far)

  1. Eryn Shields
    2 years ago

    Thank you so much for this feature. I’ve also got some great new blogs to follow! I’ll be sharing this, as well.

    • Hot Mama Body Wraps
      2 years ago

      You’re a ROCKSTAR, Eryn! Thanks so much for putting your heart out there in your blog! Hope you enjoy finding other new blogs to connect with! 😀

  2. Mackenzie
    2 years ago

    Thanks, Heather. I appreciate your recommendation! It means a lot since my blog is so new! 🙂

    • Hot Mama Body Wraps
      2 years ago

      You’re totally welcome Mackenzie! I love the whole idea of your blog! Combining crafts and relationships is such a sweet theme for a blog! Keep it up!

  3. Haley
    2 years ago

    Thanks so much for including A Bada Bing! in this list! Looking forward to checking all these out – some of my favorites are on this list. 🙂

    • Hot Mama Body Wraps
      2 years ago

      Thank YOU for being an AWESOME blogger, Haley! 😀 Hope you find some new blogs to love! <3

  4. Jhanis
    2 years ago

    Humbled and honored to be included in the list! Thank you so much!

  5. Thanks so much for mentioning me and my blog on this post! I found some other great ones to follow too!

    • Hot Mama Body Wraps
      2 years ago

      Yay! Thank YOU for being a great blogger, Lauren! <3 Keep at it! 😀

  6. Cristina
    2 years ago

    Thank you so much!!!

  7. SammichesPsychMeds
    2 years ago

    Thank you so much for the mention and feature!

  8. Cynthia Dixon
    2 years ago

    Thanks for including me! It really means a lot! I love this list! It’s great to have so many new blogs to follow!

  9. Sharisse
    2 years ago

    I’m so honored that you included Savvy Sweet Life in this list and follow my blog! I appreciate it so much. I’m looking forward to following you and checking out the other mama blogs you recommended here. Thank you!

  10. Thanks so much for putting me at your list! I feel honored and really appreciate it! Thanks again!

  11. Charlene
    2 years ago

    Wow!! Thank you so much for the feature! What an honour! (I am from New Zealand, hence the u) I look forward to connecting with new mummy (and daddy) bloggers! Great list Heather – thank you again 🙂

  12. Thank you so much for the mention, Heather! Xo

  13. You’re very sweet to include me and my crazy–THANK YOU!

  14. Thank you so much for including me on this list!!! I’m very new to blogging so it’s really nice to see that people are starting to find me. There are some great blogs on this list and I can’t wait to check out some that I hadn’t seen yet! I’m also looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    I know what I’m doing tonight once the kids go to bed and I’ve poured my glass of wine…

    • Hot Mama Body Wraps
      2 years ago

      YAY! Mom time is the BEST Time! <3 Thanks for being a great blogger, Lisa! <3

  15. Suzette
    2 years ago

    Thank you again, Heather, for including Zipline Parenting among the many fabulous parenting blogs listed here. Your thoughtfulness and research are appreciated. We parents need encouragement, shared learnings and humor because life as a parent is rarely predictable but the joys outweigh the craziness.

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