The It Works Ultimate Body Applicator and ME!



Hey Guys!!! I told ya I’d be back with some in depth looks at some of the products from It Works that I have personally used. Today I want to talk about our biggest seller and the first product that I used.




 Amazing photo right!? I was excited to try a wrap!

I got my kit in, and slapped on a wrap! Just that easy. The directions say to put it on and wait 45 minutes. So I did! I took a before photo. I drank plenty of water (half of my body weight in oz). 45 minutes later—and look at the results!



 Can you see the difference in the contour of my side photo!? Can you see the difference in the definition of my hip bones!? ( For those nit pickers out there (I’m one of you! Believe me! That’s why I’m taking the time to point this out) The lighting is different between the first two and the last three b/c of the time of day. I had pink undies on under the black pants and just happened to turn them down further when I took the wrap off—if you look closely in the wrapped photo, you can see the top edge of my pink undies!! No cheater cheater here!)

Not only was the contour of my stomach different, my skin was tighter, toner and smoother! Stretch marks from my two pregnancies had lightened practically before my eyes! I was stoked!

So I was hooked! The product worked, giving me great results!  I couldn’t believe how easy it was and that I could do it in my own home! Shoot, I even vacuumed the house with the wrap on! Getting skinny and still accomplishing the unending tasks of a stay at home mom!? SCORE!


 It was a little while before I wrapped again b/c I couldn’t keep the wraps in stock! I have a hot product that everyone wants! However, when I went to wrap the second time, the results were still visible….4 months LATER!! The results do not just disappear after a few days or even a few weeks!!!

 I have since wrapped a few more times, but after the initial wrap, I wanted to try more products! So I started with the supplements! I thought I could stand to lose a few lbs with the supplements and t hen if I had any extra or loose skin, I’d wrap it away after the weight was gone!!!

Get the discount or buy with no commitment by clicking the buttons in the side bar!

 Stay tuned for my upcoming posts about which supplements I’ve tried and how they worked wonders for me!!!

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