The Ugly Truth About Facebook Sharing

Facebook sharing

Why Sharing Awful Things To Your Facebook Is Doing More Harm Than Good.

I’ve been working a business using social media for almost 10 years. And while things change every single day, one thing remains the same…

The stuff we share, like, interact with is the stuff that gets seen by more people. photo facebooksharing_zps210180c2.jpg

So, when we share good stuff, people see good stuff.

When we share bad stuff, people see bad stuff.

Whether good or bad, when we share and interact with things on Facebook, we GIVE that post/video/photo JUICE, if you will.

And we need to TRULY reconsider what we give juice to in this day and age…ESPECIALLY if you are a business owner.

As a society, we have become these people of technology. Technology can be an INCREDIBLE thing. Life is ever changing and adapting to how awesome social media and technology can be to free us, inspire us, reach people, network, help people, change lives, and more!

Exciting right?

But at the same time as technology evolves into something that can completely be used to ENHANCE the world, LOTS of people are using it to spread propoganda, hate, negativity, ignorance, and lies.

But the kicker, is that a lot of people tend to believe that they are “bringing awareness” to the situation by sharing, liking, commenting. And that’s simply not true.

Facebook sharing memeFacebook sharing memeFacebook sharing memeFacebook sharing memeFacebook sharing meme

^Just a little humor to shed some light on how ridiculous it is to give Facebook attention to awful things WITHOUT actually doing something to help.

YES, social media can shed light on amazing causes and create an army of people who MAY help greatly!

But the majority of negative posts, videos, shares, etc only breed more negativity. Only spotlight the bad guys. Those bad guys THRIVE on ATTENTION. And the attention they like BEST, is the kind of attention that shares their message without doing anything…

Which is exactly what 90% of Facebook sharing and liking means.

How often have you shared or seen a share of something that is truly sickening or awful? Did you then DO or did it prompt you to take ACTION to fix it? Or did you just click share so other people’s feeds are filled with the awful stuff?

See, sharing awful stories only breeds other people who will click share and not DO anything. It only opens the door for complaining about the awful thing, not FIXING the awful thing.

The TV, internet, world is already filled with gossips and complainers, don’t fuel their fire.

I’m not suggesting that we put on rose-colored glasses and ignore the poverty, sadness, and disgusting parts of the world, I’m suggesting we get smart.

Share ways to HELP. Don’t just expect that because people think something is awful/disgusting/sad, that they will DO something about it. Clicking share isn’t DOING.

DOING is sharing a way to FIX what is wrong with the world. DOING is using your influence on social media to ENCOURAGE action. DOING is using your influence to inspire people, excite people, make people laugh, encourage people to be more, be better, do better.

See, people get their fill of the negativity all over their lives…in every part. Give them an opportunity to realize that they can be better so that they can IMPACT their world when they see something that rubs them the wrong way, instead of giving them more negativity with no education on how to be a beacon of help and light.

Sharing negativity on Facebook is like sharing your chicken pox germs to help people “build up a tolerance”. It may work for a few people, but really, it just makes people sick.

Most people who share a sad news story or a horrible video, ONLY click share. That doesn’t fix anything. It doesn’t bring awareness to anything. All it does is give that horrible story/person more exposure, and they thrive on that.

So do the world a favor, share ways to HELP or share encouragement. When you can use your influence to impact the world with inspiration and encouragement to choose action, THAT is what will make a difference. THAT is how you’ll change the world.

**Side note: When you are deciding whether or not to click share, consider these 3 things:

  1. Is it true? A great way to check is at Don’t share fake stuff. It makes you look really…really dumb.
  2. Is there a call-to-action for the person reading this, to encourage them to take an ACTUAL step to help combat the negative/sad/unethical story? If not, consider finding a source to share that can encourage people to REALLY make a difference!
  3. When you click share, WHO will ACTUALLY benefit? If it is the dingbat who created a bogus story, the terrorist who burned a man, a horrible parent who defiled a child, the scumbag who created a disgusting video, etc…reconsider sharing. When you click share, and no one takes action to STOP that person/organization, all you’re doing is giving the bad guy more fuel. No one wants that. THAT is what’s irresponsible.

I hope that my post has been helpful in opening your eyes. We have a great responsibility with social media. We have the world at our fingertips. We can use it for smart and good purposes or we can help spread fear, hate, lies, ignorance and meanness. When we are educated and have ACTIONABLE intentions in mind, we can create motivation in the masses to combat the idiots who get pleasure and attention when people share their smut mindlessly.

Stop the mindless Facebook sharing. It doesn’t bring awareness, it furthers the cause of the bad guys.

Share good. Share encouragement. Share ACTION steps. Share truth. Share ways to empower people. Share HELP. Share VALUE. Share love.


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  1. Cynthia Dixon
    2 years ago

    I couldn’t agree more with you on this! I’m definitely going to share! 😉
    Cynthia Dixon recently posted…Confessions of a Stress EaterMy Profile

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