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I usually blog about our products or our opportunity, but today I just needed to blog a little personally. That’s ok with you guys right? You like insight into other people’s lives, yeah? 😀

WHY self-development?

self development Well, the thing is, I used to think self-development was a bunch of hogwash, hoopla that wasn’t really important. I used to think that the only people who recommended it were just trying to be leaders or good examples, and that they didn’t actually do it. And even if they did, it really wasn’t that important.

Wasn’t I cocky and know-it-all ish? Gag. I hate that I ever had those thoughts!

I picked up one of my first professional (and self) development books in 2012 and reading it really changed me. I hadn’t picked up a book since The Twilight Series. No, I’m being for real. 😛

The idea of reading something REAL instead of fake didn’t sound all that appealing to me. But I’d heard raving reviews about this book, so I read it. Before the 1st chapter was over, I was excited about my business and ready to make some changes in myself. It was like an instant validation of what everyone had been saying all along!

Yeah, but what’s the POINT of self-development? Can’t you just BE a happy person and be nice to people?

See that’s what I thought too! I thought…..I’m a good person. I’m nice to people. I love people. I do good things. My business is going well. My kids rock. Why do I need self-development?

Once I really got into reading daily (well, almost daily!), I realized how much better I felt about life and myself. I realized I was opening my mind up to more thoughts and thought processes. I realized reading was challenging me to be better and do better. It was rocking my life and my business, because it was inspiring me to do more! The more I learn, the more excited I am. The more I read, the more I’m challenged to think differently and react differently. I can relate to more people and relate BETTER to people.

What do you think THAT would do for your life or business?

Where to start with self-development?

In my self-development journey, it took a book which lots of people in my field were recommending. It sort of spiraled out of control for me after that, in the best way possible! The book sparked me to other authors and books which were similar that could inspire me further. The more I looked into positive reading, the more authors and works I found which spoke to me. I would scour the library and Goodwill for new books (still do!). One of my favorite authors of all time is Zig Ziglar. His book See You At The Top ROCKED my world. I’ve read it three times in the year that I’ve owned it. He is so inspiring, and it’s not one of those hippy dippy books. It’s PRACTICAL. I like that. 🙂 self development

See, you have to find books that speak to you. Some will and some won’t, but at least you’ll be reading! Some books will leave you with only one or two new thoughts…others, you will wonder where they’ve been all your life b/c the whole thing speaks directly to you and your situation! If you aren’t giving life 100%, you need self-development. And if you aren’t reading, you aren’t giving life 100%. 😀 Just go pick up a book…you can thank me later. I swear, it will change your life and your business!

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