The Latest Powerball Winner..what’s that have to do with It Works?!

Latest Powerball Winner

Everyone wants to know more about the latest powerball winner! The idea of THAT.MUCH.MONEY all at one time just seems OUTRAGEOUS!The Latest Powerball Winner

Wouldn’t I like to be a fly on the wall in the home of the latest powerball winner?! Can you imagine what they’re thinking!? What’s going through their mind?

I had dinner with my family last night, and we were talking about what we would do if we won the money. The final decision? We’d all take our significant others and move to Hawaii to start a pineapple plantation. Seriously! (Could I make that up!? haha) That’s the thing,to most of my family, to most of the US, that number just seems so outrageous that all anyone can DO is dream up silly things to do with the money.

The latest powerball winner is now faced with the blessing (and sometimes curse) of being able to be SILLY with their money!

The Latest Powerball WinnerThe latest powerball winner can buy, go, do whatever he or she wants! Financial freedom! Or so it seems. You’ve all heard the stories of lottery winners gone bad right? They splurge and spend away all of their money only to be broke a year or two later?

See that’s the thing—the lottery is a one time thing (unless you’re ridiculously lucky!), and if you don’t plan, you lose the money. Lots of people think that when they win the lotto, they’ll quit their job and lounge around all day. Now here’s the thing–you COULD do that on the crazy amount of money that this last powerball was…*IF* you plan and save! But who am I kidding, most of the US doesn’t know how to plan or save (hello, state of our economy right now!). There’s just NOTHING you can do to be able to sit around doing nothing all day….unless….

Yeah that’s right, I’m going there—Network Marketing.

Just think if the latest powerball winner was involved in network marketing too! Gracious!

The Latest Powerball WinnerHe could focus on working from home long enough to build up a HUGE organization (think how many NEW FRIENDS you’d have when you won the lottery! *please note my sarcasm here!*)…live off of his lotto earnings and lay around on the beaches of the world for the REST.OF.HIS.LIFE! Sounds pretty sweet right!?

Well get this, you don’t have to be the latest powerball winner for that to happen! That’s why network marketing is so great. Tons of people are working the network marketing scene everyday…and tons of people ARE NOT working the network marketing scene everyday b/c they are letting network marketing work for THEM!

See with network marketing (by the way, It Works is an INCREDIBLE network marketing company with a FABULOUS compensation plan that’s basically fool proof), you build your organization and then let it ride! Network marketing allows for unimaginable growth! There are people who worked their business hard for a year and now make upwards of $350,000 a month in network marketing. PRETTY SURE THAT THAT WOULD FEEL *BETTER* THAN WINNING THE LOTTERY!

And here’s the thing—you have a better shot at that kind of money with It Works and network marketing than you do when you put $4 into the lottery system! Just telling it like it is!

Constant income, never HAVING to leave your home, as much social (or as little social) interaction as you want, work from home in your jammies, stay home with your kids…lottery like MONTHLY earnings if you want! Do I need to slap you in your face any harder!? 🙂

Just get in here and start working toward lottery like earnings! 🙂

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