Summer Reading Wall

Summer Reading Wall

If you’re like me, you want a fun, no fuss summer. You don’t want to keep up with the everyday, you just want to have FUN!

But, you know, if you have kids in grade school, that back-to-school will be oh so much harder if they fall out of practice of the basics over summer break!

So being the good mamas that we are, we TRY to come up with something fun to keep them reading, thinking, and using those brain muscles….without them realizing it 😉

So I came up with my Summer Reading Wall! I made the theme a rainbow b/c I found a package of new markers hiding in a closet, and who doesn’t love to break open a fresh pack of markers and create! 😉

So what does the summer reading wall look like, and how do I make it?

Basically I just used some white construction paper we had on hand and some markers. Nothing fancy. My kid thrives on charts and LOVES to fill them out to earn a reward. This works for us, so I thought I’d share my simple how-to with you!

Supplies needed:

6 sheets of construction paper
A piece bin (I used a little cardboard box taped to the wall 😉 )

Here are a few photos for reference, and then I’ll explain how it works!
Summer Reading Wall

Summer Reading Wall`Summer Reading WallSummer Reading Wall

So how does this summer reading wall work?

Basically I drew a rainbow on a sheet of paper for decorative effect 😉 I was feelin’ like a kid, take it easy on me 🙂

I cut rectangles about 1×2 inches and colored 14-15 in each color of the rainbow. This made about 100 rectangles for my little red caddy.

What am I gonna do with those rectangles? As you can see from the 1st photo, we put our first block of the rainbow on tonight at bedtime! My 7 year old read his first book of the summer. I jotted down the title on a red rectangle from the caddy, and then I stuck it up. As we work through the 100 books of summer, we’ll add and add to our rainbow. When the rainbow is finished (all 100 rectangles are gone), we’ll go for a special zoo or museum day!

This is really simple, and the pictures explain it all. Make it with supplies you already have at home. Be as creative as you’d like. I didn’t do all that could be done, but I did more than NEEDS to be done 😉 The key here is to do something a little whimsical and fun to get your kiddos thinking on summer break! In a FUN way 😉

Do you do something like this with your kids in the summers? Comment below and let me know! I’m open to ALLLL the ideas and suggestions!


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