Personal Development

Personal Development

What’s all the buzz about Personal Development?

I’ve been on a Personal Development jag lately, and it’s about time I got there. I’ve been hearing, ever since I started with this company, how important personal development is. I’ve been told to make sure I am taking time to develop myself and encouraging my team to do the same. And I read a few books, learned some new things, and encouraged my team to do the same….

…BUT, some days I thought, “I don’t have time today”.

Ever catch yourself doing that? KNOWING something is SUPER important imperative, but since you won’t have to answer to anyone but yourself if you don’t do it, you just DON’T DO IT! Sad.

See YOU, yourself are most important to how you function daily and the impact you have on your life and others lives around you.

SIDE NOTE: I am TOTALLY speaking to myself here too!

Filling up your own personal mental and physical health bank is the most important thing you can do EVERY single DAY!

HERES THE STORY…WHY did I all of a sudden kick it into high gear when it comes to personal development?

I was forced to. Hands down, I’ll be honest. It’s not like I made a conscious choice to be more disciplined about taking time every day to do the things I know make me a better person!

See I bought a new house, and was in limbo between the end of my lease from last year and the closing of the new house. So I was temporarily living with my parents (who still live in 1980 and don’t have internet or have any intention of getting it!). So I couldn’t spend my time daily on the things I needed to do to keep my business running OR doing the things I used to do that I now know were POINTLESS TIME WASTERS!

Yeah that’s right, I admit it. I wasted a LOT of time. Still do, to be honest. But it’s always good to get a little tough love.

personal development

So, I couldn’t waste time, and I couldn’t do outright work. So I had to find a way to use my time productively. Do things I could put into play once I got back into the net zone and could be active in the online world again. I had to be proactive! So …I blogged this in Word (it felt so weird!) But I wanted you guys to know where I was, b/c it will help you! 😀

My best friend and I are kinda SUPER learners book nerds. We frequent Goodwill about twice a month and scour the book section. (Seriously, their business and self-help book section is LEGIT!)!

On one such trip, we found this SUPER old Zig Ziglar book! HOW STINKIN EXCITING! The ZIG is the MAN! 🙂

He read it first and loved it, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it….

And BOY am I eating it up! I’ve taken so many notes it’s ridiculous, but I don’t want to forget ANY part of it! 🙂

See if you can get your hands on it (See You at the Top by Zig Ziglar)!

Anyway, this book started my new daily life! 🙂 I realized that when reading the book, I felt better…

…LOTS better! I felt inspired! So I knew I should be reading this book FIRST thing every morning to PUMP ME UP for the day!

So started my Personal Development morning routine!

Every morning after I drop my first grader off, I come home and do all the normal stay at home mama stuff, but then…

….my favorite part of the day! 😀

I make my coffee life-giver/waker-upper/can’t-live-without-it beverage, and sit down at the table. I read through an uplifting or informational book to get my juices flowing! I take LOTS of notes!

And before I know it, I’m so inspired to take advantage of all of the opportunities and new possibilities the world has to offer that I can’t sit still!

So you know what I do? I get up and do a little baby workout 🙂

Then my blood is pumping, and I’m motivated!

When I wake up in the mornings, I don’t always want to do all this…

…but once I start, I’m SO glad I did!

I’m nicer, happier, healthier, and more inspired! I’m more productive! It’s amazing! 🙂

So do yourself a favor and get YOUR personal development routine started. Do it for 21 days in a row whether you want to or not. Have some discipline. Don’t be a quitter. You’ll thank yourself [and me] later! 😀 Promise.

You can see my new VIDEO series, The Daily POS on YouTube here! <— GREAT little tidbits of positive thinking and encouragement for you.. EVERYDAY!

Jump in with both feet. Get excited!

Today is the first day of the BEST of your life! 😀

 personal development

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