One Wintry Saturday

Snow Day

I was going to blog something pertinent and helpful, but realized my heart isn’t in it tonight. My heart is full thinking about the Saturday I just spent with my kids (and my mom). 🙂 SO I thought I’d just “blournal”.

I made that up. But it’s gonna catch on. Using my blog as a journal for what I did and am grateful for today 😉 So when you start to see that word, know that it happened here first, folks 😉

Anyway, let me preface my blournal for tonight with the fact that I generally hate sports. Problem is, my 7 year old loves them. So, ya know…I do my mom duty and attend basketball games at the crack of dawn on Saturdays.

Baseball, I can handle. I like baseball…when it’s warm outside. 🙂 But basketball…at the crack…on Saturdays. Not my thing.

Jump Shot!

But alas, it’s HIS thing. He can’t even sleep he’s so excited on Friday nights. He spends his days after school, schooling his little brother in the art of toy room basketball. He wants a basketball birthday party in a few weeks. He has 5 pairs of basketball shoes. He wears a jersey almost every day to school. He had me cut the toes off of his tall baseball socks so he could have a “shooting sleeve”. He asked for only one thing for his upcoming birthday, a “real, professional Gatorade drink bottle”. (Needless to say he’s getting one 😉 ) So, I think you get it, dude loves basketball.

Free Throw!

Then we spent the rest of the morning (because frankly, we had a lot of morning left since the game was so early…who decides 2nd grade basketball games should be at the crack of dawn anyway? Mental note: make some calls about that.) shopping and running errands with my mom. It’s one of my kids’ favorite things to do on a Saturday. Weird right? Two little boys who love shopping with their mom and their nanny. It warms my heart though, because I love it too. We usually laugh a lot. 🙂

We grabbed some lunch (The 3 cheese chicken penne at Applebee’s is YUM times 8!), and then we headed for home….Where my mom talked my kids into helping me shovel the driveway! (We got about 7-8 inches of snow here last night and today!) So, we went inside and layered up, the kids got their new boots on (perks of shopping with Nanny), and we went outside… photo snowday3_zpsf43c2cde.jpg

To the backyard 😉

No, this is not where the driveway is, but they talked me into playing in the snow before working in the snow. And who can turn that down!? 😀

We made a massive hill off the side of our trampoline to sled off of, made snow angels, and built a snowman. Then finally, we ventured to the front yard to start shoveling.

7 Year old made about 10 passes (my driveway takes no less than 4,886 passes to complete), and he decided he was “tired”. I made him do a FEW more whenever I needed a little break. Hey, child labor laws don’t apply to the child’s PARENT 😉  photo snowday1_zpsed69546f.jpgBut basically, they played in every square inch of fresh snow in the front yard while I cleared the driveway. Then, we traipsed (through the house of course in our drippy things) to the backyard again to play some more.

When they pressed their chilly noses against the back door to come in, they demanded hot cocoa, and I was all too happy to oblige. There’s something about a steamy mug of cocoa after playing in the snow that makes you feel so cozy!

My 7 year old then requested cherry pie for dinner. And while it wasn’t the ONLY thing we had for dinner (I’m not the WORST mom ever 😉 ), it was a big part 😉 And it was awesome.

Then we finished the night with a pile of blankets and pillows on the floor watching Mary Poppins. My four year old laughs…so much…at movies. He’s a dream to watch movies with.

Then when I laid them down, they were asleep before their heads hit the pillows. Snuggling them into bed and kissing them goodnight and saying I love yous…ahhh…

My heart is full tonight. I don’t always appreciate and take time like I should, but today I did. And my heart could burst. I have some pretty special kids. I bet you do too  😉 Isn’t it awesome when you can take a whole day and just focus on them and soak it all in?

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