Normal is Boring


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Ever feel like you’re spending your entire life just trying to be normal…

Just trying to fit in with those around you?

Trying to fit the mold of what your family, your JOB, your friends have created for you.

Do you ever feel like there’s so much more, but because of what you surround yourself with daily, you have resigned yourself to thinking that what you’ve got is all you’ll ever have?

I can tell you from personal experience that I was putting myself in a box for a long time in my life. But one day I just decided that I needed to change everything around me and really risk a little because I knew there had to be more for me. I knew I wasn’t created to sleep, pay bills, and sleep some more. I knew I was meant for bigger things. I knew I had a bigger calling.

But how did I summon the courage to do that?

I didn’t…well, not really.

You’ve probably heard the saying that “all it takes is 20 seconds of insane courage” to change your life. Well that’s about what happened for me. It happened fast. I made a quick decision that I didn’t like where I was, where I was headed, and who I was surrounding myself with. And out of no where, I changed it.

I won’t tell you that it was all peaches and cream, rainbows, and sunshine…No, changing your normal is hard.

But I’ll tell you right now…

When you change your daily from trying to be normal, you really realize how amazing you are.

You realize how much value you truly have. You realize that you truly can dream bigger, be more, and have more.

It’s life changing to take that risk and do something uncomfortable.

It can bring…

New outlook.

New dreams.

New love.

New goals.

New understanding.

New self-worth.

New independence.


And it’s amazing.

A long while ago, if I would have read something like this, I may have thought the writer was crazy. Hippy dippy. Downright nuts.

But now, having lived it….

Risk paid off. I stepped away from my norm. I’ve grown a LOT, but I am now smack in the center of new opportunity, new self-realizations, and new relationships that absolutely better me and make me feel valuable and worthwhile.

And here’s the thing, you can do the same thing.

Stop trying to fit the “normal” mold that everyone else has. Normal is boring. Normal isn’t going to get you anywhere. Normal holds you back. Normal isn’t what you were destined for.

You were destined for GREATNESS.

You are amazing. You aren’t normal.


And if you’re a mom like me, I believe this even MORE for you <3

So go do something about it 😉

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