Natural Sunburn Remedies

Natural Sunburn Remedies

Sunburn season is around the corner, and that leaves people looking for natural sunburn remedies.

Natural Sunburn Remedies
You know how it goes, especially if you have kids, by the time you pack the beach bag, the picnic lunch, the lawn chairs, the diapers, the change of clothes, the towels…half the time you forget the sunscreen! And while I don’t advocate going out into the sun without sunscreen, sometimes it just happens.

Then…you’re fried. Nothing you do helps. You’re miserable.

You need relief! And you don’t want to put CRAP into or onto your body. You need natural sunburn remedies!

Natural sunburn remedies are pretty easy to come by…

…..but sometimes, they make you do WEIRD STUFF! Or you have to have WEIRD STUFF on hand!

What you need is ULTRA moisture and something that takes the heat OUT! Right!? 🙂

There are quite a few products on the market that are GREAT sources of relief, but none of them are natural sunburn remedies. They are CHOCK FULL of chemicals and other ickies that we don’t really want to put near our bodies if we have any sense.

Most natural remedies that you may come across are old wives tales, but a few have some truth to them!

  • Witch Hazel- Designed to heal the skin, it is PERFECT for healing burnt skin.
  • Green Tea- Some studies have shown that when it is applied to the skin, it actually prevents cancer. It is naturally skin protective! Another cool tip, those who put green tea on their skin daily for two weeks diminished the chance of sunburn and skin cancer!
  • Rosemary has been famous for generations as a skin regenerator. It is known to soothe burnt skin!
  • Eucalyptus-It’s soothing, cooling, and calming effects will have your sunburned-self saying “ahhhh” in no time!

Here’s one that puts all the other natural sunburn remedies to SHAME!

Sure there are a lot of different natural sunburn remedies, which could all work…

…or, maybe you need to combine them to make them work MOST effectively!

It Works Defining Gel includes ALL of the above ingredients, making it a QUADRUPLE threat when it comes to moisturizing your sunburn! Not to mention all of the other skin smoothing and hydrating ingredients.


Want to smooth out your cellulite? Defining gel minimizes the appearance of cellulite too!

It Works Defining Gel

It Works Defining Gel <—Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! 🙂 I vote you have some on hand for the upcoming beach season. You can get it here at a 45% discount, just b/c I love you all so much!

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