Natural Cure for a Cold

Natural Cure for a Cold

Natural Cure For A Cold

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Looking for a natural cure for a cold?

Lots of people are looking for a natural cure for a cold this time of year. We are trending, as a society toward eastern ways and non-medicinal fixes for our health and well being. ESPECIALLY relating to the care of sick people. We are slowly learning that western medicine is killing people faster than it’s healing people in some cases. Lot’s of people are looking for natural cures using raw foods.

Natural fixes allow our bodies to heal the way they were meant to heal. Our bodies were MADE to know how to fend off disease and sickness when they are HEALTHY. See that’s one of the biggest issues! With processed foods and all the crap we do to our bodies, it’s no wonder we are so sick all the time! Taking care of our bodies should be one of our biggest priorities! When we care for our bodies (filling it with fruits and veggies and exercising regularly), it takes care of us! It is better equipped to fight off sickness. This time of year, that’s critical!

If you’re looking for a natural cure for a cold…you’re in the right place!

Searching for aย  natural cure for a cold has landed you here, and I’ll explain the pic above in a sec, but 1st let’s talk about the issue at hand…if your body has a cold, that means that it wasn’t up to par in the first place. Wouldn’t you rather be proactive than reactive? Wouldn’t you rather do something that is amazing for your body every single day and rarely get a cold, than get a cold, feel AWFUL, and have to take some nasty cold medicine?!

You can take care of your body perfectly everyday with It Works Global Greens! ๐Ÿ™‚ Two little scoops everyday give you 8+ servings of fruit and veggies, detoxes your body, and maintains the pH balance and alkalinity of your body. Thus, keeping you healthy for the long run! ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok, but you have a cold now, so you’re looking for a natural cure for a cold NOW!

The best natural cure for a cold that I’ve come across is to take 1t. of honey and 1/4t. cinnamon twice a day for three days. You will kick the cold quickly withoutย  using any icky over the counter meds! WIN! ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment below if you’ve tried this tactic and let me know if it worked for you! If you have any other old home remedies that you swear by, comment with those too! We love helping our readers!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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