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Hey Guys! So now that you’ve read all of my previous posts about the supplements I take daily, I thought I would take a minute to tell you HOW I take them! 🙂 It’s always important to realize how different supplements work with your body, your schedule, and the food you eat! This helps you to make the most of them! 🙂


Every morning, I wake up and mix my Greens. I used to mix two scoops with 8 oz of pineapple juice, but now I just put two scoops into a bottle of water. I also take a Vital, a ThermoFit, and two Confianza. For breakfast, I have a scoop of ProFit mixed with 8 oz of Vanilla Rice milk (see my previous blog post for links to recipes for the shakes! there are TONS! Reeses, Banana Split, Pumpkin pie-the list goes on!).  I usually eat lunch with my two year old, but it’s usually something quick, like a pb&j. When I eat lunch, I take another Vitaland a ThermoFit. ThermoFit is recommended to take with food, so I take one with each meal. 🙂 For dinner, which is usually my heaviest meal, I take my third Vital for the day, a ThermoFit before the meal, and about 20 minutes after the meal, I take two Fat Fighters. Then, if I happen to be bad and grab a bedtime snack with the kids, I might pop another Fat Fighter. 🙂


So there you have it. That’s how I work the supplements into my daily schedule. It’s pretty easy really. I stay home with my kids, and work from home, so I just put them all in a daily organizer each week and pop them at every meal 🙂 If I plan to go somewhere, I try and remember to take the ones I’ll need with me! 🙂

And this routine, is what has allowed me to drop over 20 lbs (the last 20 lbs–you know, the ones that NEVER SEEM TO GO AWAY!) in just a few short months 🙂


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  1. Replicas Watch
    5 years ago

    Love this page!

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