Mom Shaming

mom shaming


I came across this video today, and it seemed like the perfect time for me to see it.

While my feed has been filled with


formula/breast feeding

cloth diaper/disposable diaper

goldfish crackers/carrot sticks



Especially the vaccination debate recently. Just shoot me now. I just don’t understand how people think it’s their place to tell others how to behave.

I’ve always felt like moms should stick together, but the longer I have been a mom, the more I realize that moms seem to be furthering the divide.

Parenting styles will NEVER be the same all across the board…just like KIDS will never be the same all across the board.

And you may be reading this and thinking, “yeah, but when *fill-in-the-blank other mom* chooses that option, it means *fill-in-the-blank* horrifcness to the rest of us”…

No..just no. No it doesn’t.

Get over yourself. You are no more right than she is, and she is no more right than you are.

Because there is no right.

All there is is LOVE. As long as a mom is loving her child/ren and giving them the proper care (ie food, water, shelter, time, attention, affection)…everyone else needs to just support her.

Moms in our country lack so much support. We basically carry the brunt of the child rearing, run the household, and still manage to hold ourselves together. We’re freakin’ ROCKSTARS man! And yet, all we seem to do is place blame and guilt on ourselves because we’re not meeting someone ELSE’S standards.

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Because other moms are judgy, dude. It’s so wrong.

Because just like in that video, when it comes down to it….

we’re all mothers.

We have a lot more in common than we have in difference.

On the humorous side:





Baby dolls.

Wiping up spilled milk with a sock on our way to the laundry room (or am I the only one who has done that?) 😉


Strong women who carried and birthed a HUMAN BEING.

Women with so much love for these little people that we’d give our last breath for them.

Kindred spirits who are just doing the best we can.

Broken people who need more support and love, rather than judging and snarkiness.

So next time you want to throw out a Facebook status or snarky glance at a mom just because she made a parenting choice that was different than yours, think twice.


Is the child in REAL harm, or is this just MY opinion and what I have decided is best for MY family?

Does the mom need love and support, or is she just a horrible awful person who is making terrible decisions which endanger her child and the lives of others?

(in case you didn’t catch that there, that last question was heavily laced with SARCASM) 😉

Seriously though, next time you catch yourself making judgements about someone else’s parenting ability/style, just stop it. They probably don’t agree with everything you do either. And that doesn’t make EITHER of you wrong.

So instead of focusing on why you’re different, try connecting b/c you have similarities.

For starters, you’re both powerful, strong, beautiful women who happen to also be raising the future of the world.

Start there…I bet you’ll be able to spark a friendship, or at least a civil conversation.

Which is a lot better than the judgy, snarky alternative which only serves to alienate and degrade the awesomeness of the sisterhood of motherhood <3

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