Mom Brain | Turns Out It’s A Real Thing ;)

Mom Brain

I came across this post earlier today, and thought I might share with you all. I think a lot of my readers seem to be moms…

And well, my name is Hot MAMA after all 😉


Heard of Mom Brain?

Turns out, it’s actually a THING!

After I had my 1st  baby, I turned into a total S.P.A.Z. Worry about the baby, stay on the schedule, am I doing this right?

I was nuts about it.

After the 2nd baby came along, I relaxed a little, but that’s when I really noticed forgetfulness or overall fogginess right after he was born.

This article explains that, scientifically, something actually does take place in our brains that changes the way we think.

Mom Brain is real!

While this article explains that the changes in our brains that happen when we become mothers and caregivers actually HELP us to come into our own as mothers, it also explains how all of these changes can totally change who we are.

Not necessarily in a bad way, but becoming a mother is MORE than just physically birthing and caring for a new baby.

Who knew babies had such a scientific effect on us mamas? 🙂

Turns out babies open up a whole new world in our brains! We knew, from the minute we 1st feel them inside of us, that they had changed us. It only grew as they did, and exploded when they were born!

But it’s amazing to know that “the act of simply caring for one’s baby forges new neural pathways—undiscovered rooms in the parental brain”! Our bodies are SO incredible. Aren’t they?

Reading this article makes me realize just how powerful our bodies are. It makes me understand, even more, that taking care of our bodies is so crucial. They’re MADE to help us survive and grow and flourish, but if we don’t care for them properly
…they won’t work for us like that!

What new feelings did you experience with your new baby(ies)? Did you feel your motherly instincts kick in right away? Or did your brain take some warming up? 🙂




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