Meditation? Really?


Long time, no blog huh?

I took a little hiatus to relax over the summer and literally did nothing except what I wanted to do. It was fantastically freeing, but I missed my routine. So I’m back! But with some new aspects of my routine!

You know how it goes when you start slacking off your routine. Your diet, your health, your mindset…it all goes out the window. So, while I did have a great summer doing whatever I wanted to do…my health (both mentally and physically) took a back seat.

I didn’t limit myself on junk food, Netflix, or travel. I didn’t take my daily time to quiet myself and center myself every day either.

So, not only was my stomach and skin rebelling from the junk food, but my stress level and mindset quickly began dwindling.

Meditation is one of the first things I realized I was missing every day. While I did meditate a lot of days this summer…because, who DOESN’T want to get out and soak up some sunshine and just bask in the moment of warm, radiant, positive sunny glow!?…


But I missed a lot more days than I didn’t!

Why did that matter? Well, it’s not just about feeling good. It’s about feeling connected. About learning to sit. Still. DOING nothing. Appreciating yourself and the world. Focusing on nothing but your breath.

It’s dauntingly hard when you think about it, if you’ve never tried it.

I don’t consider myself ancy or to have a short attention span, but initially, meditation even for 10 minutes was a TASK and a half.

But after a few sessions, I could see that  my entire day would be shaped differently if I made time to meditate every morning. Even if only for 10 minutes.

Spending that time focusing on my gratitude for life and the present moment.

Spending that time honoring myself.

Spending that time quiet and mindful.

It’s amazing what it can do.

A sense of peace occurs when you can center yourself daily like that. When you can take a few minutes of quiet to acknowledge the good in your life. To acknowledge your oneness with what is.

A sense of commitment  to care for yourself and the world around you.

A sense of awareness.

A sense that all that matters is NOW.

It shapes everything else in your day. Your entire thought process shifts somehow. It’s incredible.

Some practical things that I notice when I consistently meditate are:

Less of a short fuse with my children.

Less impatience with every day life.

More desire to drink more water and choose better foods.

More gratitude for the little things…like the crunch of leaves on the ground or a warm mug of coffee in my hand.

More happiness.

More namaste, if you will. “The good in me, sees the good in you.” to everyone I come into contact with.
And you may think it takes too much time, or that you have to take a class to know how. That’s just not true. It can be as simple as breathing deeply for a few minutes a day. YouTube has TONS of guided meditations that you can use for free.

Sometimes, especially at the beginning, it can feel strange. But I promise you, once you really allow yourself to be free to it, the stillness opens up a world of enlightenment and peace for your life.

Will you try it? Do you already meditate? How do you practice stillness? Comment below! I’d love to hear from you!

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