McDonalds Child Obesity…it’s an epidemic.

McDonalds Child Obesity

McDonalds Child Obesity

McDonalds Child Obesity

It’s Saturday morning here, and for us, that usually means shopping with my mom and lunch out. The kids love it, I love it, and it’s a little tradition 🙂 The kids are OBSESSED with McDonald’s, so that’s normally where we end up. Today as I sat there with a cheeseburger and fries with a large soda (just like I do all of the other times I go to McDonalds), something was different. I felt really uneasy. Normally I think, oh well, I can indulge–I have my Thermofit and my Fat Fighter so this stuff isn’t going to have THAT bad of an effect on my body. But today, I realized that my kids didn’t get that.

We eat McDonald’s once a week or so. Lots of families I know eat there more than that! It’s no wonder McDonalds Child Obesity is on the rise.

McDonalds Child Obesity is ON THE RISE–It’s scary!

It’s no wonder that McDonalds Child Obesity is on the rise in America. Look at their nutrition facts!

McDonalds Child Obesity

And let’s just talk about the movie Super Size me! Have you seen it!? I swear if you watch it, you WILL.NOT.WANT fast food for MONTHS! I should really buy it and watch it once a month just to keep myself away from fast food convenience. Because let’s face it, the only reason we eat McDonald’s is because it’s convenient. It isn’t that GOOD. It’s mediocre hamburgers, greasy fries, pressed weird nuggets, and even the “healthy” stuff they offer isn’t that great!

And speaking of “healthy” choices at McDonalds, they recently changed the Happy Meal to make it more health conscious. Take a look at this picture. It notes the changes. HOWEVER, take a look at the top corner for the nutrition facts….

 McDonalds Child Obesity

 19 grams of FAT in ONE meal!??!?! Did you know as adults, we should try to keep our fat grams to around 20!? For the WHOLE DAY! And we’re ADULTS!

McDonalds Child Obesity- Are you surprised?

Are you surprised that there is an epidemic going on in our country of child obesity when McDonalds is as popular as it is? I’m not! McDonalds Child Obesity should be a major part of any health campaign. It’s getting out of control! Even McDonald’s efforts to “fix” it aren’t really all that valiant as you can see in the photo above of the “new and improved Happy Meal”.

I want to challenge you, eat at fast food (b/c let’s face it, McDonalds isn’t the ONLY offender!) one less time per week. If you only eat there once per week, try eating there one less time per month. Health starts with small steps. Make it easier on yourself–buy easy prep meals at the store that are 10 minutes or less to make at home! Better yet, take one whole day per month and do some heavy freezer cooking. Prep meats and other things to be able to grab quick meals out of the freezer anytime! I use this blogger’s method and LOVE it!

You can do this! Your health is important, and your child’s health is too! Early habits make lifetime habits! 🙂

McDonalds Child Obesity

In the mean time, whenever you see those golden arches, just picture this guy, and KEEP DRIVING! :)

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