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This past weekend, I jetted down to Orlando, FL for 5 days. Mini vacay and business adventure all in one! WIN! 😀

If you aren’t used to, or haven’t heard of network marketing, we usually have training and annual events to allow our teams to get together and learn and network. For us, we have a yearly conference in Florida. Last year…10,000. This year, we filled the Orange County Convention Center with 15,000 people! Talk about growth 😉

We all look forward to the event because we get to reconnect with our teams, learn about NEW PRODUCTS (stay tuned b/c we have one coming in March that is going to ROCK YOUR SOCKS!), and learn about our new BONUS options!

But one of the best parts of conference is the take-away.

For me, I had some kinda divine take-away. No one person on stage said specifically what I needed to hear, but a combination of speakers and feelings led me to have an aha moment.

What was it?

I am worth it. And if I don’t start realizing that I’m worth my goals and dreams, then I can never achieve my dreams.

One of my biggest goals is to help as many people as I can to realize that they don’t have to conform to the way of the world. Go to school, get a job, be miserable for years, and not be able to retire b/c you don’t have enough money. That’s just DUMB!

My newest goal for the year is to really REALLY connect with people in a raw and honest level. To REALLY get to know people and understand their fears, their goals, their reason for why they do what they do.

But what I didn’t realize until Limelite15, was that I was sitting there thinking I wasn’t worth it. I had this lightbulb that went off that said….HEATHER! You ARE worth it, and until you realize that you’re worth your goals, you will never help people the way you want to.

WHOA. Mind-blown.

See, I’ve been reading a book called The Motivation Manifesto which has really been enlightening me about how I really need to start being in the moment and connecting in a  REAL way with the people I connect with daily. See the world is SO full of fakiness, and we need less of that and more raw. We need people to encourage us. We need people to not be fake or blow hot air. We need REAL.

We need *real* more now than we ever have before.

So I have come away with a renewed goal to help more people. That’s always been a why of mine. But more so, I came away with the thought that I truly have to believe that *I* am worth my goals and dreams before I can ever help anyone else.

I am one of those people who always gives when someone asks. I am the one who bends over backwards for everyone to the point of not taking care of myself. And while that is a great quality to have, I now realize that I can’t be great for someone else if I don’t even believe in myself 100%.  There is such a great value in balance.

2015 will be a year for balance and real/raw ME connecting with everyone who crosses my path. Because my true goal is not to sign up a million people or make millions in sales (although, wouldn’t that be fun!), it is to honestly BE THERE and help as many people as I can to have hope.

I’m ready for 2015. I will not stand in my way. I am worth it. You are too. Let’s have an EPIC 2015!Limelite15

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