Labeling on ‘Kids’ Food! It’s SAD!

Labeling On Kids Food

The labeling on kids food is getting more and more sketchy by the moment!

labeling on kids food We’ve been noticing more and more that companies are marketing straight to our children. It’s not legal, but some how they get around it. Foods that are so beyond unhealthy that are marketed with bright colors and fun cartoons are sad all in their own right! But the labeling on kids food that really gets to me, is when it’s labeled as “healthy”.

Labeling on kids food that highlights “healthy” choices…

To start off, I want to give credit where it’s due. There are some great healthy choice food items for kids. They’re legitimately good for a child’s health, and are marketed that way. *high five*

But what I really want to rant and rave about is companies who are labeling food choices which are CLEARLY not good for kids as healthy, and then directing the marketing efforts DIRECTLY AT KIDS!

I believe Tum-E Yummies used to be Bug Juice (don’t quote me on that, but we can’t find Bug Juice anymore around here…only these Tum-E Yummies). I also believe that these Tum-E Yummies used to have something about vitamins or something in their name, and that has since changed as well.

My kids have ALWAYS loved these. And I thought, “well, what’s a cool-aid type drink every once in awhile?”. No big deal.

That was until today when I paid attention to the labeling…

Labeling on kids food is just insane as it is…but for this to highlight *ONLY* 13 grams of sugar….

Labeling on kids food…this case fires me up!

ONLY 13 GRAMS!!??!??!

Is that supposed to make me feel like I chose a healthy option for my kid? Are we supposed to believe that that is OK!? YES, it’s a heck of a lot less than a SODA, but 13 GRAMS!?

For reference, 4 grams of sugar=1 Tablespoon. Which means that in this little 10 oz bottle, my kid will consume 3 1/4 TABLESPOONS OF SUGAR!

For those of you who drink tea or coffee…would you EVER put that much sugar in one mug of your hot beverage? I know I wouldn’t! It’s insane!

This labeling drives me NUTS! If someone just glanced at it, as I’ve done MANY times in the past, she would think…”OH, it isn’t as bad as other drink choices! Look, less sugar, no sodium, and a couple of vitamins too”.

And she would be led to believe that by people who KNOW that those aren’t REALLY good, healthy things. But they have to do SOMETHING to make us think we’re doing right by our kids by buying it.

Labeling on kids food (and ALL food) has GOT to quit playing games. But here’s the deal…we can’t blame the label-ers..the marketers….the companies.

It’s our responsibility to educate ourselves and learn to read INGREDIENT LISTS and learn to realize how to read nutrition labels (NOT the bright, emphasized “look here!” “buy this!” on the fronts of the labels.

Do a quick Google search for “sugar and cocaine”. You’ll be floored to see the results in our brains and in lab animals. You won’t look at sugar consumption the same ever again. It’s hard to hear right before the holidays, I know. And I don’t believe in depriving yourself of special treats…especially not ones that make you feel Christmas-y 😉 BUT I am asking all of us to really consider how much sugar we are consuming….and also, I encourage you to look a little deeper than the flashy fronts of labels for food products you buy at the store. Especially labeling on kids food.

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