Knowing Your Worth

You Are Worthy

Look, I know I’ve been a little hippy dippy on you all lately, but someone has to tell you these things. So it may as well be me.

Knowing Your Worth

I loved this photo when I came across it for a ton of personal reasons, but mostly because it gave me yet one more topic to bring to you all so that I can hopefully help someone reading this post.

It’s all too common these days to allow people to treat us like crap. Sadly, our lives are filled with negativity, greed, injustice, etc. Seems like everywhere you turn, someone is trying to fill your head with negativity. And sometimes that takes the form of allowing ourselves to be treated negatively, because that’s what we feel we deserve.

Society has a way of brainwashing people to believe that they are not worth being treated fairly, lovingly. That they are not worth being loved unconditionally. We see signs of this everywhere. It’s hard not to lose belief in our worth.

But I am a big believer in really studying and working hard to fill our minds with positivity and GOOD things. See my post about gratitude here. It’s not easy to just maintain a positive outlook, but it is CRUCIAL to our survival.

See when we’ve been beaten down by the world, by our ‘loved’ ones, by our ‘friends’, by the media, etc, it’s easy to just believe THEIR truth of us.

But what we fail to realize a LOT of the time, is that just because they’ve made it THEIR truth in their minds, doesn’t mean it actually IS the truth about us.

Let me speak to you from personal experience. Over the past couple of years, it’s been … tumultuous to say the least. People who I thought were people who cared for me, turned out to be just another one of the masses. People who I let their truth sway who I was because I had been so brainwashed with it that I believed them. My whole life has been that way really, but before it was in a positive manner.

Let me explain. As a child, I was literally the perfect kid. I never got in trouble. I got straight As. I spent every waking moment that I could at church. I only had church friends. I lived and breathed church and school. Which was fine. It wasn’t until much later in life, that I’m realizing that much of that was just a standard that was imposed upon me. My value that I placed on myself, related directly to how well I performed in school and how often I frequented church, because those were the things I was praised for. Now that I have dealt with a little more of life, I realize that it’s not that I didn’t love school and church, it’s just that I did those things because they made me feel worthwhile…because the people around me placed value on me for being the smarty-pants and the goodie-two-shoes.

As an adult, I STILL worry SO much that people don’t get a bad impression of me or think I’m not nice, caring, compassionate, a good mom, a person of goodwill, sweet, never sassy, never standing up for herself or anything else…just sweet.

And while I am those things, I rarely stood up for myself because I thought my worth was only in being the shy, quiet, sweet, smart one. That’s it. And so life threw me some curve balls and taught me how that was only hurting me. I realized I was not being who I truly was meant to be. I was allowing society, the people in my life, and most of all MYSELF hold me back by not TRULY valuing myself or realizing my worth.

I lost ‘family'(if you can call them that) for standing up for myself. But at the same time, I took action and got myself out of a bad situation. It was empowering to finally realize my worth.

See, because I had never seen my ACTUAL worth as a HUMAN BEING, and not just a goodie goodie or a smart girl or a sweet girl, I had allowed all of the disrespect to build up over my entire life. But the day I realized, I’m worth MORE than just THAT…

I gained a whole new sense of respect for myself, but also allowed myself only to be surrounded or influenced by people who saw my worth as well.

I no longer was giving people permission to treat me how they wanted based on their perception of what made me worthy. I already know I’m worth MORE than that, so the only people who get to influence me now are people who understand my worth…


Because I get to choose WHO is included in my life. And if they don’t see my worth, I know I’m more valuable than they are giving me credit for..and they’re out the door.

No one wants to be treated poorly. But the day you start realizing your TRUE worth as a HUMAN being…is the day people stop treating you poorly. They go in direct correlation with each other. The quicker you understand it, the faster people will start dropping everything they thought gave you worth, and start realizing the true worth of you.

And if you’re truly following your God-given passion, you’ll have a big hand in helping other people to understand that they are worth more than they are allowing for themselves.

So many people are giving their surroundings permission to treat them poorly, when all it would take is a little eye-opening. When we can truly invest and love on people, we can help them to see that they too are worthy of so much more than they allow for themselves.


Get yourself right. Understand than you ARE worthy of SO much more. Then realize that you are no longer going to allow people to treat you however they want based on THEIR truth of who you are. You know YOUR truth, and that’s what matters.

Then, pass that on. Make it a goal to instill that self-worth into everyone who crosses your path. The world needs people who truly invest in and love on people. The world desperately NEEDS people who will contribute to self-worth banks.

Will you be a contributor?

I think you’re worth it. Do you see it?

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