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Life Update :)

I just wanted to take a break today from blogging IWG stuff, and just blog about LIFE!

You’ll let me won’t you? You want a glimpse into my life right?

Almost one year ago to the day my life changed completely…

…seriously, I knew the change was coming, but I had no idea the COMPLETE and TOTAL change it would be! I was excited for the change. I was nervous for the change, but I knew it was inevitable and DEFINITELY what was supposed to be! I knew I was making the right choice.

…Has that ever happened to you? You are presented with something in life, and you just know its right? It’s only happened to me a few times…3 actually. Last spring was one of those times, and had it not been for my involvement with It Works, I may not have been prepared to make the life-changing choices that I did.

I was sitting in a bar in Florida with the director of marketing of It Works(Pam Sowder). She pulled me over and said “There’s something you’ve been wanting to do, just DO it.” Then she stared at me

…I didn’t know what to say! There were LOTS of things I’d been wanting to do. My brain ran wild though, b/c I knew what she meant! I KNEW she wasn’t talking business with me! And what was crazy…I’ve only met the woman a handful of times. But she’s got this knack for knowing just what to say. She’s been known to say “Get over yourself!”…and now, in not so many words, she was saying it to me!
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The rest of the weekend was a blur for me. I had some steps to take, some decisions to make. And I’ll say this, the next couple of months were not pretty. I made good and bad decisions, but in the end, I am SO SO SO happy that she said what she did that night. IT lit a fire under me to do what I knew I was meant to do.

See the thing is, the right decision isn’t always the easiest. I think people get caught up in thinking that if it is the right thing to do, that life will be peaches and balloons and fluffy clouds and butterflies all the time.

…well, I’m here to say, that AIN’T always true! haha But when you follow your heart, and make the best choices for you, somehow, things work out beautifully. It may take some time. It may take some hard times, but the right decisions ALWAYS turn out for the best. I’m living proof!

So anyway, my decision led me to starting over completely in my life. I lost friends and family. But do you know what I gained? Self-respect, independence, a JOY for life, a thriving business, an awesome best friend, the unconditional love of family (I always knew I had, but didn’t realize how deep it was until I was in this situation), and SO MUCH more! Starting over is HARD. REAL hard sometimes, and some days, it’s STILL hard. But I have this newfound HOPE…luster for living! Making the most of every moment. I feel empowered… free.

Goodness sakes, I could just cry! It’s awesome to be sitting here today writing this. My heart is FULL at where life is going. I have so much potential  to help people, help myself, make the world a better place, and make my life JUST what I always hoped it would be! *SQUEAL* <—Yes, I’m a TOTAL girl sometimes! 😉

WHOOP WHOOP! Can’t WAIT to see where life takes me, but I know that as long as I’m making good decisions for me and always being the best me I can be, life is gonna ROCK my socks off….

….and it’s done a pretty good job so far!!! 😀

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