ItWorks Body Wraps

ItWorks Body Wraps

ItWorks Body Wraps  ItWorks Body Wraps…what is this body wrap craze!?

ItWorks Body Wraps are the world’s first all-natural, safe, healthy, botanically-based body contouring wrap!

That’s a big mouthful of words just to say that we’re a first-to-market product that rocks! Really, you know you want to try an at-home wrap that you can put anywhere, and it’s gonna tighten, tone, and firm in 45 minutes.

Yeah, you heard me right.

These suckers are awesome!

HOW awesome are ItWorks Body Wraps?

Well, I mean, I may be a little partial, but I think they’re spectacular! LOL

But really though, ItWorks body wraps are sweeping the nation by storm! Everyday more and more people try a wrap and fall in love. I mean, we were featured at the Emmy’s and Oscar’s in the celeb gift suites! So Hollywood stars use our wraps and love them! If you don’t want to be like celebs, that’s ok. But I bet you want to be tighter, toner, and firmer! B/c let’s be real…who doesn’t want that!?

Ok, but how much will they cost me? I can hear your wheels turning now. I always have to know the details too!

But have no fear…I have the 411 for you!

ItWorks body wraps…get the discount!

DID I SAY discount? I meant… DISCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

See, It Works offers a HUGE discount to those who join our It Works Loyal Customer Program. And that sounds fancy…and a little scary…but it’s TOTALLY not!

You want in! Believe me.

You can buy ItWorks body wraps at retail price all day long …

…if you like throwing away money!

See the LC program gives you access to wholesale pricing for life. And before you get all wound up about being locked in for life…it’s not like you HAVE to buy! LOL…why would we MAKE you buy for life JUST to get the discount. NO WAY! That wouldn’t be nice. 🙂

You get to test out 3 products over 3  months at whole sale price. After that, you can buy or not buy as much as you like 🙂



For everything you buy, you get points toward free product!


Free shipping after your 4th month!


Access to diet and exercise plans and recipes!

Oh and there’s more, I just don’t have time to go into it right now! But really…you should totally click the button below and learn more about how to get your ItWorks body wraps for $40 AND access all of the other perks!!!

Do yourself a favor. It’s just a little button…click it! 😀
ItWorks Body Wraps

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