It Works Loyal Customer

What is an It Works Loyal Customer?

First of all, you probably wonder what an It Works Loyal Customer even is…or maybe you think you know, but really…

….you need to hear about all of the amazing perks that being an LC (as we call them!) offers!

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As a loyal customer with It Works, you get all sorts of  AWESOME!

      • Exclusive access to the HOTTEST health and weight loss products on the market…INCLUDING the AWESOME It Works Body Wraps!

It Works Loyal Customer

    • WHOLESALE! Save 20-50% off all your orders!

It Works Loyal Customer

      • Easy Customization!  Each month you can change your auto-ship to meet your needs. Mix and match to create a package with all the products you want this month.
      • Automated Monthly Shipments!  Never run out of your favorite products with our easy auto-ship service.
      • Discount for Life! After 3  months in a row on the auto-ship service, you will be able to order It Works products at the Loyal Customer price forever!
      • Stay on Auto-ship and Redeem Your Perks Points Starting with your first order as a Loyal Customer, you earn 10% of the wholesale value of every order in Perks Points. Stay on auto-ship for six consecutive months, and you can access your Perks Points to discount your product order even more! For every point applied, your product order will be discounted by $1 (USD).
      • No minimum price or quantity restrictions per order. You simply must have at least one product in your monthly auto-ship order for three consecutive months. If you cancel your auto-ship/auto-bill  prior to fulfilling the three-month auto-ship minimum, you will be charged a one-time $50 (USD) membership fee, and will still hold loyal customer privileges for life!

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So there you have it…there’s the WHAT! 🙂
Let’s move on to the WHY!

WHY should you be an It Works Loyal Customer?

Shoot, you already read through the amazing perks and benefits you get when you become a member of this awesome program, but tangible perks aren’t always enough! You have to develop the reason WHY you’d want to buy natural health and weight loss products!


 photo greenquestion_zps68af31ce.jpg…Do you want to live longer?

 photo greenquestion_zps68af31ce.jpg….Do you want to be healthier?

 photo greenquestion_zps68af31ce.jpg….Do you want to WOW your friends?

 photo greenquestion_zps68af31ce.jpg…Do you want to tighten and tone your troubled areas?

 photo greenquestion_zps68af31ce.jpg…Are you stressed?

 photo greenquestion_zps68af31ce.jpg…Are you having hot flashes and night sweats?

 photo greenquestion_zps68af31ce.jpg…Do you need help with muscle toning?

 photo greenquestion_zps68af31ce.jpg..Do you need help for cheat meals or…cheat DAYS?

 photo greenquestion_zps68af31ce.jpg…Do you want to feel sexy again?

 photo greenquestion_zps68af31ce.jpg…Do you want to set a great example for your children?

 photo greenquestion_zps68af31ce.jpg…Do you want to live long and play with your grandchildren?

 photo greenquestion_zps68af31ce.jpg…Do you want to look younger?

DO I need to go on??? 🙂

There are a multitude of reasons that anyone could have for wanting to get the perks of being an It Works Loyal Customer, what’s yours?

Have you developed your WHY?

Let’s move on!

HOW do I become an It Works Loyal Customer?

Check out this quick step by step video walking you through the process to become an It Works Loyal Customer!


Ready to get SKINNY, SEXY, HEALTHY, AND SAVE A LITTLE GREEN!!??! Just click the BIG green button, and let’s get this party started!

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  1. 4gue
    3 years ago

    I tried to do the loyal customer sign up and it kept sending me to the distributor page.  How do I get around this?

    • Hot Mama Body Wraps
      3 years ago

      @4gue you just need to click shop at the top. 🙂 once youve added what you like to your cart, you get the option to sign up as a loyal customer 🙂

  2. heffybabe
    3 years ago

    @4gue you just have to click shop at the top! When you add what you’d like to your cart, you’ll get the option to become a loyal customer at checkout! 🙂

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