It Works Greens on the Go!

It Works Greens on the Go

It Works Greens on the Go taste fab!

Have you heard of It Works Global Greens? They are an amazing little product which helps to detoxify your body, balance your pH and alkaline levels, deliver 8+ servings of fruits and vegetables in each serving…and get this: They TASTE GOOD! 🙂

Lots of greens products on the market taste like grass…or worse yet, dirt. It  Works Greens on the Go have a mild orange flavor that is pleasing and nice. (<–WHOA, that sounded like an infomercial!) But seriously, they taste good! I mean, even my TWO YEAR OLD likes them!

It Works Greens on the Go are EASY!

Don’t have time to grab all of your fruits and veggies each day? Don’t have time to do a detox diet? With It Works Greens on the Go, you don’t need TIME. 🙂 These little babies are individual packets of our classic It Works Global Greens that you just pop into a water bottle and GO! These were made for people with an active and on the go lifestyle…which, let’s face it, is just about everyone these days! These packets come in handy for the business person, the entrepreneur getting his business going, the stay at home mama, and more! It helps you start your day healthy and QUICKLY!

OH, and did I mention that the Greens give you a NATURAL boost of energy!? Who doesn’t need that!?


It Works Greens on the Go are everything you need to jump-start your health and weight loss. They detoxify your body, give you nutrients your body needs daily, give you a natural boost of energy that you won’t get jittery from, balance your pH and alkalinity, they taste great…sounds to me like the magic everyone is looking for.

And personally, I’ll  tell it to you straight. It  took me a minute to get used to liking them and in a routine of taking them everyday, but now that I have…if I run out (i try to NEVER run out!), I notice. It’s not like some crash or like I’m addicted and NEEEEEED MYYYYY GREEEEEENS! lol, but I do notice an energy and all around good feeling difference. I like them. I feel better when I take them.

AND awesome side effect for me anyway==clearer skin. I notice that when I am diligent about taking my greens everyday, I have fewer breakouts and less headaches. Now those aren’t medically approved claims about the Greens, but those are just some things that I personally notice when I make sure to get them daily.

Seriously, you get a 30 day supply. So for about $1 a day, you can add to your health in HUGELY impacting ways. $1 A DAY! That’s 6x less than your fancy morning coffee, and you’ll get the energy boost AND the health benefits with the Greens! Give it 30 days—Let’s say a 30 day challenge. If you don’t notice a difference after religiously taking the Greens for 30 days, come back and let me know and I’ll make it up to you. I don’t know how, but we’ll figure something out…IF you don’t notice a difference. But you will, you’ll love the Greens, so I’m not worried 😉

Just click here to get It Works Greens on the Go at a discount!


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