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Ultimate Thermofit

Hey guys! So last post, I told you all about the Fat Fighters, well today I’m going to tell you about the next product that I used in my It Works journey, which goes hand in hand with the Fat Fighters—-Ultimate Thermofit!



ThermoFit ups the heat in your body which helps you to burn calories and assists in weight loss. I thought, “Hey, who doesn’t need some assistance with weight loss!?” and decided ThermoFit was my next supplement to try!

The first thing I noticed when taking ThermoFit was that I had a bit more energy. I also noticed that I was not as hungry as often, and had a lack of cravings!

Biggest thing I noticed??? A DROP in weight by about 10 lbs in less than 3 weeks! WOO HOO!!!

So, I added ThermoFit to my daily regimen. At this point, I was taking Greens EVERY morning, Fat Fighter after every meal, and now added ThermoFit with each meal throughout the day!

I was feeling healthier, more fit, and better all the way around! Stick around to see what It Works Global product I added to my regimen next!


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  1. Rebeccah Lambert
    2 years ago

    Can you take fat fighters and Thermofit together or do you have to spread them apart? Can they both be taken at lunch?

    • Hot Mama Body Wraps
      2 years ago

      Hey Rebeccah 😀

      You totally can take them together, meaning with the same meal. However, Thermofit should be taken before a meal. Fat Fighter within 15-60 minutes AFTER a meal 🙂 Hope that helps answer your question!

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