It Works Compensation Plan

It Works Compensation Plan

You’ve heard of this crazy wrap thing right? Well the It Works Compensation Plan will blow you outta the water… It Works Compensation Plan

…You’ll be wanting to join this crazy wrap business in no time after you look over the It Works Compensation Plan! See the thing is, this isn’t some little fly by night wrap thing. It’s an opportunity! It’s so much more than selling these wraps. It’s so much more than the people in your hometown or the people you see on a weekly basis. It’s a life changing opportunity for YOU and the people you can reach with this company and it’s products!

It Works Global is an awesome company which has been featured in Success from Home Magazine and has ranked in the top 100 of Direct Sales companies WORLDWIDE! We got a prestigious award for momentum this year for the MOST GROWTH! This crazy wrap thing is TAKING THE WORLD by storm, and now is the time to be one of those pioneers who bring it to the masses!
It Works Compensation PlanIt Works Compensation Plan

One of the most important things you need to know before you jump into a new business, is what’s the money situation, so let’s look at the It Works Compensation Plan…

When beginning in any new venture, you want to know how it’s going to work. What you get for your time. How you can help. HOW to benefit.

With the It Works Compensation plan, it’s all laid out clear and clean for you. Now granted, it’s a little overwhelming to look at it all, so I want to give you the whole thing (see below) AND break it down a little for you into a few simple thoughts.

First thing you need to know is that we payout over 51%. That’s pretty darn good in network marketing. Better than most actually! Second, we’re debt-free. A company who is debt-free can afford to put all of the right things into motion to keep their company running smoothly. Third, the way to make the money comes in all forms. If you’re a sales person, great. If you aren’t, you can succeed too! Fourth, it’s realistic. We teach you to dream big, believe in yourself, and HELP PEOPLE. When those three things come together for you, your success amplifies BIG TIME!

OK let’s get to the simplified It Works Compensation Plan!

Let’s look at the scenario of Josie:

Josie found an It Works rep online and signed up! She bought her $99 starter kit, and set up her 80BV autoship online. She connected with her sponsor and then waited for the mail to arrive! In the meantime, she was able to tell people about her website and dig around through the training to help her learn to be successful.

The kit came in the mail with four wraps and all sorts of promotional materials. Josie realized really quickly that the going rate for single wraps is $25-35. She put the word out that she had amazing wraps that  tighten and tone in 45 minutes and her friends FLOCKED to her. She was sold out in minutes. Leaving her feeling successful and $100-140 richer! So she made the money back for her kit and had product in the hands of people!

Her friends came back and wanted MORE WRAPS! So she explained that they could host a party and wrap for free! Each friend hosted a party. Each party had 6 wrappers ($25/wrap at a party!). Since Josie can get wraps 4/$59, she profits about $60/party. BUT when the party attendees see how amazingly the wraps work and how great the supplements are, she gets two loyal customers and a DT (distributor) at each of the FOUR parties! Josie just added 8 loyal customers and 4 DTs to her downline, and essentially her PAY!

Since Josie got 4 LC (loyal customers) in her 1st 30 days, she gets a $120 shopping spree on It Works! So she buys more wraps to sell for profit! And guess what else!? For every TWO LCs that Josie signs, she gets to buy a box of wraps for only $25 shipped. That’s $75 profit on each box! So she gets FOUR! đŸ™‚ Hellooooo profit!

But there’s MORE! When Josie runs her autoship that she signed up for at first, she unlocks her commission payout. 15% of ALL of her LCs purchases comes right back to her!

But let’s not forget Josie’s DTs that she signed! She helps each of them set up a party. When they do what she did in order to get all of THEIR perks, Josie benefits AGAIN!

When each of her DTs gets 2 LCs, SHE gets $100! She also makes 15% on all of her DTs volume! HELLO COMMISSION!

Now that is a basic, startup scenario. Once you start to grow and learn about how to promote and getting paid on differing levels, it gets EVEN BETTER! You unlock more bonuses, higher payout, and more!

The It Works Compensation Plan is one of the most generous and encouraging plans out there. And the thing is, it’s not hard to achieve each step. People are DYING to get their hands on these wraps. Distributors are having trouble keeping them in stock. Orders are coming in randomly on my website daily (oh, that’s another thing…we DTs can help our team mates by GIVING them loyal customers and distributors! It helps my team AND me! How cool is that!? It Works LOVES the team atmosphere!)!

If you want to get in on the magic, just click here!

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