It Works Body Wraps Instructions

It Works Body Wraps Instructions

So you got your wrap, now you need some It Works Body Wraps Instructions right!?

I’m going to walk you through your It Works Body Wraps Instructions right here and now. It’s easy, promise!

Get some comfy clothes on and lets get started with your It Works Body Wraps Instructions!!

The wrap does come with It Works Body Wraps Instructions printed on the back of the package, but sometimes we just want to make sure we’re doing things right, right?

Grab the wrap, some plastic wrap or a tight fitting tank top, scissors, and your camera/phone.

Take a before photo of yourself both from the front and the side.

Cut open the packaging and take out the wrap. It’s folded, so you’ll need to unfold it. There’s gel on the skin side :)

Place the wrap on your problem area (yeah that’s right, you can put the wrap ANYWHERE!)

It Works Body Wraps Instructions

Apply a layer of plastic wrap or put on your tight tank top to hold the wrap in place. Wear for 45 minutes (up to 8 hours, until the gel is absorbed).


Take off the wrap and discard. Rub any remaining gel on your skin into your skin.

Take another side and front photo. Compare.

Remember that the wrap ingredients keep working for a full 72 hours, so your results are progressive and will be BETTER at the end of the third day IF you keep drinking your recommended amount of water daily! :)

At the 72 hour mark, take another after photo! Compare, and be amazed :)

It Works Body Wraps instructions are simple and easy to follow.

The It Works Body Wraps instructions are right here in black and white, and there’s no way to mess it up if you follow these simple steps!

How To Apply It Works Body Wraps

Happy Skinny Day!!! :D

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