How To Talk To Kids About Money

How To Talk To Kids About Money

How To Talk To Kids About Money

The biggest thing to remember when learning how to talk to kids about money is…

The way we talk to our kids about the money we have or don’t have, completely shapes the way they view it. Money is a touchy subject for a lot of people. Some say that money isn’t important, but to get down to the nitty gritty, it is. At least on some level, because it’s how we pay for food, shelter, etc.

Teaching our kids to value, respect, and manage money is SO important. It’s also something that is completely lacking in schools, so it is solely up to us to shape their world view on money. But there is ONE idea that is not common practice among most parents today, that is setting their kids up for failure. I don’t blame you, I did it too. We were raised by OUR parents to think this way about money.

When you change your mindset about how to talk to kids about money by doing this one thing, you’ll start to realize just how big of an effect you can have on their outlook on money for the rest of their lives!

How to talk to kids about money–the ONE thought that can change it!

We want our children to be honest, giving, selfless! Those are all honorable things! Things that don’t take money!

But just think, if we could shape our children to believe that THEY are responsible for the things that they want and want to DO! If we could instill in them that their thoughts are things. If we could show them that they don’t have to limit their wants or desires because of money…or lack of!

But how?

It took me awhile to really grasp this concept. I was raised not to ask for …translated in my child brain…not to WANT extravagant things. I didn’t know it then (and I don’t think my parents did either), that my dreams were being stifled. I was being conditioned to think that I didn’t deserve. And that if I didn’t have the money right then, that I shouldn’t even WANT what I wanted.

We are born with wants and desires. Some completely for ourselves, some things we want to give or do. When we, as parents, tell our children that they shouldn’t want that or we can’t afford it…it shuts down their natural desires. It conveys to them that they aren’t worth whatever their wants are. That there are no ways to get what they want, simply because there areĀ a lack of funds to do so.

And that’s simply not true. We can all have whatever we desire. How to talk to kids about money has to change to this mindset, so that we can help create a generation of wealth. Instead of thinking, “I can’t afford that”, we have to work to create children who say “How can I get what I want? I am worth it. The people I want to give to are worth it. What can I do to make it happen?”

How to talk to kids about money to help shape their independent and confident future!

Inspiring kids to realize that, though we may not buy what they want right this second, that does not mean that they don’t deserve it or that their wants should be diminished. We need to acknowledge their desires. Encourage them. Congratulate them for valuing themselves so much that they feel worthy of having whatever it is that they want. Then teach them about the Law of Attraction.

When we teach our kids that they control their universe, it opens up so many more doors. Instead of allowing excuses of lack, they can open their mind to abundance. Check out the video below about how to talk to kids about money. It relates it to Christmas lists and/or wanting things in line at the grocery store. We can all relate to that as parents. Their take on the topic is so refreshing. It’s about time we talk to our kids with thoughts and ideas of abundance rather than lack!

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