How To Make The Perfect Cherry Pie with This ONE Easy Trick

How To Make Cherry Pie

How To Make The Perfect Cherry Pie

If you follow the blog and happened to read about my awesome wintry Saturday that I had yesterday, you know that we also had cherry pie (7 year old’s request).

This morning as I was battling myself as to whether or not to eat a bowl full of said pie for breakfast instead of a wholesome egg white/whole wheat toast/avocado mashup, I realized that I used to not like my cherry pie all that much. I had always tried to make it, but it always tasted kinda funky.

Being the semi-lazy cook that I am, I never looked up a recipe or anything to see why it might have tasted weird. I just decided I wouldn’t make it. UNTIL I came across a tip in one of my mom’s old cook books.

I can’t really give credit where it’s due, because the recipe “book” was an old church collection of recipes printed on copy paper, and the recipes didn’t say who they came from, but whoever this dear, sweet, pie-lovin’ lady was…God bless her. She took my cherry pies from eh…to DELISH! And it’s as simple as ONE little trick.

Now I’ll give a disclaimer here: Maybe this is common knowledge among the Martha Stewarts of the world, but for a no-recipe-following girl like me, it was new news. And so…I share 😀

My Tried and True (now Perfect) Cherry Pie Recipe

*If you don’t like to use store bought and/or canned stuff, may as well click the X now. I’m a Sandra’s Semi-Homemade kinda girl 😉

2 Store bought pie crusts
1 Can of no-sugar added Cherry Pie Filling
1 Lemon

Roll out your bottom crust. Line your pan and trim your edges off.
Pour your filling into a bowl.
Quarter your lemon and squeeze 3 quarters into your filling.
Fill your pie.
Cover your pie with the 2nd pie crust, pinch edges, and cut a few slits. (Sometimes I get fancy and carve my kids’ initials in the tops of pies. They dig that 😉 )
Brush some beaten egg over the top of your pie and sprinkle with sugar.
Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes. Then cover your edges with foil and continue baking for an additional 10-15 minutes.
Pie is ALWAYS better if you let it stand to cool before serving…

I didn’t say that that’s an easy task or that I am able to wait that long, just sayin’.

So the trick is the lemon juice. It complements the tartness of the cherries and combines with the filling to make a HEAVENLY cherry pie.

Maybe I’m preachin’ to the choir, and you already knew this trick…but I sure didn’t. Now because I do know this trick, my kiddo requests cherry pie…that never happened with my old pies 😉

Do you have any baking tricks that you swear by? Share them! I love baking, so trick sharing makes my heart sing 😉

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