How To Grow Long Hair

How To Grow Long Hair

how to grow long hair

How To Grow Long Hair…

Let’s face it, as young women, we all want hair like the girl’s in the picture above (wouldn’t hurt to have her body too!)!

Hanging beautifully down her back! Beachy natural waves! Healthy, long, and luscious.

But it isn’t easy…

I’m right there with you in wanting the long hair, and I am pretty sure I’ve watched every SINGLE YouTube video about making your hair grow faster.


I came across a lot of good tips about how to grow long hair that I am sure have helped my hair to be healthy and grow longer, so I wanted to share them with you! 😀

  • Stay away from heat! There are TONS of no-heat hairstyles that are ADORABLE and simple, especially for summer time!
  • Use conditioner in the shower AND a leave-in treatment.
  • If you’re wearing your hair up or curly, let it dry a little before combing through with a wide-toothed comb.
  • Better yet, use your comb in the shower. Comb through with the conditioner in, rinse, and wrap in a towel to dry for a bit.
  • Drink enough water. 8 cups a day, AT LEAST!
  • Get your beauty rest.
  • Use ouchless hair ties.
  • Keep your hands off…easier said than done! I know! 😉
  • Take a multi-vitamin.
  • Take Hair Skin Nails vitamins

Of course there are things like hair masks and treatments which help as well, but I can’t speak to those specifically b/c I haven’t done any aside from the Hair Skin Nails vitamins.

And that’s what I want to talk about right now. All those tips helped my hair, but when I started the new vitamin…HOLY MOTHER OF HAIR GROWTH!

Here’s a pic just so you can drop your jaw too…
how to grow long hair     These results are after only 22 days on Hair Skin Nails.


I believe this photo is self-explanatory…but just in case you want me to point it out for you…



Thicker, longer, and less fall-out. This photo shows about 3 inches of growth in less than a month. Now I have hair girls who are like…


“Yo, there’s no way hair grows that fast!”


But I don’t know what to tell them! This is me, and it happened.


So there you have it…how to grow long hair 😉

See here’s the thing, my hair was doing *better* just taking the YouTube tips. But when I added the Hair Skin Nails……it was like ROCKET growth!

But the goodness didn’t stop there…stay tuned for a blog post in the near future where I tell you the INCREDIBLE magic they worked on my SKIN!

But I’ll get back on track now….hair! 🙂

Want to know how to grow long hair?

You already do, I just told you… start those tips I gave you, and if you want LIGHTENING SPEED growth…try Hair Skin Nails. 😉
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