How To Get A Good Butt

How To Get A Good Butt

how to get a good butt

So, as a woman, we all want to know how to get a good butt.

It’s pretty common. Especially when bathing suit season is coming that we all start thinking about how to make our buns look better in the sun. So we start researching how to get a good butt.

We’re met with squat challenges, squats are the difference between a butt and an ass posts, and all around squatting screaming in our faces.

So, we do what all good, internet-searching ladies do…we squat, gosh darn it.

And sometimes we even follow through with the squat challenge!

But then we’re still left wondering how to get a good butt….

WHY!??! Why does the internet tell us that all it takes is squats!? WHYYYYY!?

Ok, I’m done being dramatic, but seriously, when you wanna know, you REALLY want to KNOW!

Well I’ve got the 411 for you on how to get a good butt, and yes it does include squats. But honestly, there’s more science to it!

There are three parts in how to get a good butt!

Simple right? Three isn’t too big! 😀

#1: Jumping jacks!

You know, the kind you did in gym class way back in the day for warm ups. Yeah! They help to work the outsides of your buns!

#2: Lunges!

No, I did not say LUNCHES! 😉

Side lunges work to bring your buns together (just like jumping jacks do), but forward lunges help give your buns lift from the tops!

#3: Squats!

Good old, tried and true squats help lift the buns from the bottom.

All three of these moves work the buns from all angles, which will give you toned, perky, and rounded buns!

So there you go…how to get a good butt in 3 steps!

I’ve been trying to do these three exercises once a day. I try to up the number of reps every few days!

Will you give this three step process to better buns a shot? 😀

(You can also up your protein to help with building muscle while you workout! Muscle tone is what gives you firm, toned, perky buns!)


how to get a good butt

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