How to Become a Distributor

how to become a distributor

how to become a distributor How to become a distributor for It Works–but first let’s talk about goals!

It’s a new year (at least on the day I write this!), and 2014 will be amazing for SO many people if they decide to take control of their own life! This comes in MANY MANY forms. Health, money, life in general, relationships, and more! One of the number one New Year’s resolutions is to make more money or save more money and/or to be able to give more freely! Lofty and noble goals!!! So I wanted to share with you how I’m going to make the money and giving goal happen for myself this year! 🙂

When I first started with this business, I thought, “how to become a distributor must be hard or expensive”! I don’t want to spend money right now b/c I’m not even sure if I can MAKE much money!

How to become a distributor…WAIT…am I gonna go broke like with that other ‘thing’ I was in??

I was a little scared to spend the $99 to get in. I didn’t REALLY have the extra money. But, knowing that the company’s normal sign up price is $199, I knew I should get in before they changed it! So I asked HOW to become a distributor for It Works, and I signed up! I bit the bullet! Spent the $99!

AND I was pleasantly surprised to realize that my sign up came with four wraps! I already knew that the wraps retail for $25-30 EACH at a party! SO I knew I could make my money back right away! That eased my fears a little bit! YAY! After that, it was simple! Let people know that I was a distributor and make money! 😀

BUT WAIT, do YOU have questions about how to become a distributor?

Here are some common questions people have about how to become a distributor and what it entails!

Q:How much does it REALLY cost me?

A: $99 plus tax and shipping.

Q: But what does that get me?

A: FOUR wraps and the rights to sell It Works products to make money AND wholesale discount on the products.

Q: But isn’t it hard to make money?

A: NOT REALLY! When you sell your first four wraps, you make your investment back. After that, you can sell wraps for cash, sign customers up for commission, and build a team to create residual income! It just takes dedication NOT hard work! 🙂

Q: But Heather, I failed in my last direct sales company, why would  this be any different?

A: Well, I can’t promise this one WILL be any different, b/c the change has to be YOU! LOTS of people are making LOTS of money in network marketing. It isn’t the company which causes people to make or not make money, it’s perseverant people with drive and goals. If you have drive, goals, and desire…you’ll be awesome at this!

Q: Is my money-making a guarantee?

A: No way! But the different ways to make money are so many and so easy, that it’s hard NOT to make money in this company.

Q: What about the products? Are they even safe?

A: Yes. They’ve been tested, and they are all natural and safe.  I have used all of them, and personally recommend them. I wouldn’t get behind something that wasn’t safe and legitimate. Integrity and honesty is very important to me in business and life!


Can you think of any more questions? If you do, text me! 765*382*WRAP 🙂 If you dont have any more questions, and you’re ready to ROCK your wallet and your LIFE in 2014, just click the button below!

How to Become a Distributor





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