HomeMade Deodorant

HomeMade Deodorant

What’s your first thought when you read HomeMade deodorant?

Me too šŸ˜‰ LOL

Honestly, when I first heard about people making their own deodorant I had horrible thoughts of smelling like a hippie. No offense, hippies! šŸ˜›

I consider myself pretty crunchy….well, kinda.
I cloth diapered both kids, breastfed each until almost 2 years old, use cloth napkins, swear by coconut oil for a myriad of fixes, delay vax’s…I could go on, but IĀ  think you get the point. I could be more crunchy, but I could be less crunchy too.

But the whole homemade deodorant thing sketched me out.

Then I wondered, why does homemade deodorant creep me out??

What the heck is wrong with me? The chemicals in commercial deodorant are horrible for my body, and I can get the same good smellin’ self with WAYYYY less ingredients! Saving my health and some moola!

HomeMade Deodorant

I got this gigantic bump in my armpit, and after the mommies in my motherhood group talked me out of worrying that it could be cancerous…

(DISCLAIMER: Not all armpit lumps are NON-cancerous! They could cause an issue for you. You have to determine whether or not you feel you need to be checked out, should you find a lump in your armpit. My lump was painful, and 9 times out of 10 a cancerous lump is NOT painful.)

…we determined that it could have been caused by a buildup of chemicals and ickies in my commercial deodorant. Did you know that deodorants that you buy at the store contain things like aluminum that can wreak havoc for a woman? Why would we put all that junk in and on our bodies?

So the mamas encouraged me to make my own homemade deodorant. I had a lot of questions because I assumed it would be hard or take a lot of ingredients that I didn’t have on hand.Ā  Turns out, it was pretty simple, and I had everything I needed to whip up a couple of containers!


I never thought I’d be the “HomeMade Deodorant” kinda girl…

Turns out, I AM! And I want you to seriously think about becoming one too!

It took less than 20 minutes to make and my recipe made TWO containers of deodorant! The supplies needed cost about $10, and there is enough to make at LEAST 8 more containers (with coconut oil and baking soda left over!)

An average commercial deodorant costs roughly $2.50. So making just 2 batches gives me my money’s worth. But because of the frugality, I get to make DOUBLE that for my $10! 8 deodorants for only $10 AND I get to have baking soda and coconut oil left over! WIN! (See what else you can make with coconut oil!)

You literally just mix the ingredients together, pour them into a cleaned out, old deodorant container, and store in a cool place. If you don’t have an old deo container, you can totally just put it in a jar with a lid.

Heather, you ask, but then how do I apply it if it’s in a jar? The old-fashioned way, my dear! Take some on a finger, rub it in. Simple, easy, and SO SO SO MUCH better for you and the environment.

Make sure you pin the recipe on Pinterest so you have it when you decide that commercial deodorants no longer are your cup of tea. Homemade deodorant is the way to go! And I don’t even smell like a hippie! I just smell like me šŸ˜€

HomeMade Deodorant

Click to pin on Pinterest so you have the recipe handy! :)

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