The Mother of ALL Homemade Cleaning Products

homemade cleaning products

Yesterday I talked about orange oil uses, and I mentioned one of the homemade cleaning products that I use…

Today I want to share that recipe with you! 😀

There are a TON of recipes for homemade cleaning products…

If you do a quick Google search, you’ll come up with a WHOLE lot of homemade cleaning products recipes and blog posts. Most of the time you’ll get a good recipe, but I want to make life EASIER.

I believe in less clutter. Do you get like I do?

About once a month, I look around and think “I can’t even think straight. Too much clutter.”

It’s usually not a ton of clutter…at least most people wouldn’t think so, but stuff overwhelms me. I need neat and tidy areas to work. And since I work from home, my home needs to be neat and tidy.

I feel like that goes for not only my desk and kitchen, but under my cabinets as well. I know I know…you’re thinking, “uh Heather, no one SEES that!”.

Hang with me here…

When you Google homemade cleaning products, you’ll get a LONG list.

But I’m a firm believer in paring things down. We don’t need 40 pairs of jeans, 30 place settings of dishes, or 156 flavors of room spray, and we certainly don’t need bottle after bottle of homemade cleaning products.

We’re trying to consolidate. Spend Less. Be healthier.

So, I swear by one awesome recipe.

homemade cleaning products

This is the only homemade cleaning products recipe you’ll need…

and it couldn’t be easier.

What you’ll need:

Orange peels
Old spray bottle

Truly. That’s it.

This is one of the best DIYs I’ve ever used. I use it religiously. I obviously make it myself. And my kids help 😉

How do my kids help? By eating Cuties by the dozen…daily. 😉

So how do we make this miracle, healthy, DIY cleaner?

Pour about half a bottle of vinegar into a largeish container with a lid. (You want a lid, because, let’s face it, vinegar is STANK until we fix that in a minute 😉 ) Then, as your kids chow down on Cuties by the truckload, start putting their peels into the container with the vinegar … instead of in the trash.

After a couple of days worth of oranges have been sitting in the vinegar, you’re ready to start making your cleaning solution. Remove the orange peels and toss them.

You’ll be left with a heavenly, orange-scented homemade vinegar cleaner that’s safe to use on all surfaces! But, be sure to dilute the mixture. It’s pretty potent, and a little goes a long way. I fill a 20 oz. spray bottle with 2/3 water to 1/3 orange-vinegar mix.

I use this to clean my counters, tubs, sinks, floors, windows, and just about everything else. I still like to use bleach for my toilets…call me old-fashioned, but I just can’t quit that habit (I know, I know, I should!).

But honestly, my house smells so delightful after using the orange oil-infused cleaner all over it, that it would be a hard sell to ever get me talked into going back to regular cleaners again. And it’s dirt cheap! 😀

What do you think? Will you try this recipe for one of the best homemade cleaning products I’ve ever used? Comment below and let me know if you try it! I’d love to hear what you think! 🙂

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