Home Acne Treatment Ideas

Home Acne Treatment Ideas

Everyone who suffers with acne is usually searching for home acne treatment ideas. I know I used to!

home acne treatment ideas

When you have acne, you have to give extra care to your skin for as you know, there are factors that changed your skin from those who have normal type. As recommended by the experts, you have to treat your skin affected with acne with more care and more caution. There are some helpful home acne treatment ideas you must consider in order for you to gradually get that acne cured so that your condition doesn’t get even worse.


These are the things you must do and embrace as home acne treatment ideas that you may be able to achieve better skin.

*The simplest way is by washing and cleaning your skin gently.

There are gentle soaps that cleanse your skin mildly. You are, of course, not allowed to use soaps that are too strong for they may leave harsh effects on your skin. Toners and cleansers are also good ideas, depending on your skin type. Most toners for acne have a mild solution with some salicylic acid in them to help clear your skin of bacteria.

Skin scrubs have the potential to harm your skin. However, some are more mild than others. I am loving a nice store brand apricot scrub for everyday cleansing at the moment, and it is not too harsh for my problematic skin. 🙂

*Choose cosmetics carefully.

This is a special condition when you have acne. Cosmetics must be chosen well most especially! You need to switch to products that are oil free if at all possible.  But, there are cases that the use of cosmetics is of no good at all. So, in this case, it would be best to leave your skin free of cosmetics. Whichever you choose, it is always best to clean your makeup off each day at the end of your day. It is also helpful to let your skin “breathe” once in awhile with no makeups! It helps the skin heal naturally.

*Vitamins and health

Water is CRUCIAL to healthy skin. It is the biggest, yet CHEAPEST, way to help encourage clear skin! 8 glasses a day=healthy, clearer skin! It is the #1 home acne treatment idea!

A good hair skin and nails vitamin can work wonders for your acne. I personally had tried multiple brands with mild success. Then I tried It Works Hair Skin Nails and my acne went COMPLETELY away almost overnight!

*Spot Treatment

I’ve recently been using a new spot treatment by ELF, which is infused with tea tree oil and all kinds of other great stuff! It seems to really work at combating a pop up breakout or zit!

 Men need home acne treatment ideas too! 🙂

*For men, shave carefully

In order not to increase the possibility of harm that your skin might get due to the things you do or the products you use, it is very advisable that men shave carefully and use cream or soap before doing so. The soap or cream would make the hair softer. Be sure to choose the right razor as well.

Shaving is a really hygienic routine. See to it that you do it properly without harming your skin. You have to remind yourself of this for it is really very important.

These are just some of the things you need to consider as home acne treatment ideas. The right  care will ensure that you get the best results for you.

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