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Hey guys! So I’ve gone over basically all of the supplements and products that I have used since joining It Works in the last couple of blog posts. If you missed those, go ahead and go back and check em out! Don’t worry, I’ll wait! 😉

So now, on this happy Sunday—I come to blog and let you know that I just picked up a pair of SIZE FOUR JEANS this afternoon! Talk about making my day!!! 😀 I was happy over the last couple of weeks that all of my size 9s were falling off, that my skinny jeans didn’t require acts of contortion in order to get them on, that my jean leggings were slipping down–so imagine my surprise when I took a size 6 and a size 4 into the dressing room and the FOUR FIT BEST! WHOOP! 🙂

Now, mind you, I did start working out a little here and there since I have been on the supplements. Mostly because I feel more energetic and have gotten that jump start to being healthy!

When I first started with It Works, I had a 16 month old and a four year old. I was busy. I ate like crap. I was still holding onto some weight from my pregnancies. I was tired. I loved being a stay at home mama, but I felt like crap! So when It Works came along—total 180! I had a sense of independence, a sense of importance, a sense of accomplishment! I was rewarded for my efforts in a form other than slobbery kisses (although, in my opinion–slobbery kisses outweigh a paycheck any day!).


I started taking the supplements and dropping pounds and feeling more energy! It was awesome! So in less than a year, I went from a size 11 to a size 4! 150 lbs to (today) 127! YAY! 🙂 I believe with my whole heart that It Works changed…SAVED my life! I am healthier, happier, more driven…the list goes on! And the best part is that I get to help people to have physical and financial transformations everyday just like I had!

I have been enabled to make choices I never thought I could! I have done things I never thought I would. I have made lifelong friends! I have made lifelong health changes. I am able to set a good example for my children about how to live healthier and more financially sound lives. I learn more everyday!

But enough about me! You have goals too! Some of you may not even know they are your goals (I didn’t!)! I can promise you that if you are inspired by my story and have physical or financial goals that you haven’t met yet, It Works can change your life like it did mine if you have the desire, the passion, and the drive!

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