Regaining Your Sense of Energy Each Day

Healthy Ways To Get Energy

I’m a big believer in the fact that healthy ways to get energy, happiness, sadness, excitement…they don’t just show up each day. Those feelings don’t just happen. So I don’t believe it’s valid to say “I don’t feel energetic today” or “I don’t feel happy today”. Yes, those things are a feeling, but our minds really control our feelings. We can decide how we want to feel by deciding what to allow our minds to focus on at any given time in a day.
healthy ways to get energy

When we feel ourselves starting to doubt our day, ourselves, our purpose…it’s as simple as determining what thought process would remove that doubt and instill a feeling of renewed self and/or purpose. I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately that teaches how much control we have over our lives, our bodies, our emotions. One of the biggest thoughts I’ve come away with is that we can make anything happen in our lives based on how we choose to see each situation and each day.

We can have a renewed sense of peace, excitement, energy, happiness every single day just by choosing to focus on the things that give us peace, excitement, energy, and happiness. Just think of it, when you’re feeling sad, it’s because you’re choosing to focus on the thing that is making you sad. When you’re feeling happy, it’s because you’re choosing to focus on things that make you happy.

I find that when I’m feeling sad or disappointed or doubtful, it is helpful to counteract those feelings with thoughts and focus on what truly energizes, influences me positively, and that I am grateful for. I’ve done lots of posts on gratitude, and I truly believe that stopping what you’re doing when you start feeling negatively and really focusing on what you are grateful for can completely change your focus toward the positive things in your life. When you change that focus, you can combat any negative feelings. You will renew your energy and happiness fairly quickly.

Sometimes though, energy isn’t something that can be drummed up with thought. Most people aren’t so conscious of their thoughts and direction of their minds. As a society, we depend and are fueled on cheap coffee and sleepless nights. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are healthy ways to get energy so that you can focus more and be better.

Our mind is obviously our biggest asset when it comes to generating positivity and energized feelings about our lives and our days. When we have something positive and uplifting and passionate to focus on each day, we can get a sense of renewal in everything we do. Our mind is truly an amazing thing, and when we harness it’s power, we can truly experience happiness, peace, and passionate energy.

Some healthy ways to get energy and bring back your peace each day include:

Meditation (A really great tool I found recently is
Positive Reading
Positive Audio
Journaling (gratitude journaling has been huge for me)
Immersing yourself in something that truly inspires you
Dedicating yourself to helping others
Taking time for yourself —just time to think, reflect, relax
Grab good food and good sources of energy for you and your body

Take a step toward maintaining good energy. You can do that through food, supplements, and all the other methods that I mentioned above. The important thing is to allow yourself to realize that you NEED good energy, and when you access it, you can accomplish big things!

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