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It Works Healthy Energy Drink

The energy drink industry is a $37 BILLION industry. I’d say people love their energy drinks!

But are any of them actually HEALTHY energy drinks?

Most energy drinks contain quite a bit of B vitamins (the vitamins that boost our energy), but that’s about all they contain that actually benefits our body. The fake or added sugars wreak havoc on our body, the chemical additives make us sick, and the taste (and aftertaste!) is enough to make you lose your lunch sometimes!

Why can’t we find HEALTHY energy drinks?

Is there even such a THING as *healthy* energy drinks?

Well, in my humble opinion, not really! I’m a believer in our bodies being able to do what we need them to when we treat them well. I’ve never been an energy drink girl. I’ve always just realized that when I feed my body whole and clean foods, it will create the energy I need naturally. Also, working out (even just a little bit) everyday, can boost your energy (and immune system!).

But sometimes it’s just not possible to eat great and get all the exercise we need everyday. Some nights are long, some days are longer, and sometimes we just need a pick-me-up! But I’ll be darned if I’d ever reach for one of the energy drinks on the shelves these days. The ingredient list makes me cringe and the after taste makes me crazy. I can’t figure out how people drink one or more per day! LOL

Sure, they do the job, but “healthy energy drinks“? Doubtful.

Introducing the newest of any healthy energy drinks on the market today!

While other drinks boast about being healthy, you have to know what you’re looking at and looking for when it comes to healthy. Lots of labeling and packaging these days (on all food items) will draw your attention to the healthy PARTS of the item, but when you actually look deeper…that one thing they highlighted on the label is the ONLY healthy part. (See my post about kid’s drinks!)

See the problem with most energy drinks is in the ingredients. They are filled withe fake, chemical ingredients to make them taste palatable and actually include things that will make you have energy. The way to access healthy energy is with whole food options.

It Works and Hot Mama Body Wraps is here to launch our newest product in our Lifestyle line:

It Works Healthy Energy Drink

Why is Energy (don’t you love the name? 😉 ) considered a HEALTHY energy drink?

Our drink not only tastes good because it’s made with real ingredients, but the WAY that it is formulated allows for your body to never experience jitters OR a crash.

The natural sugars used to create this drink have a low glycemic index which means that there is 80% less blood sugar spiking…which also means no crashing!

It Works Healthy Energy DrinkThe natural sweetener even makes Energy safe for diabetics, which is unheard of for energy drinks!

I was one of the select people who was able to get an early can of this. The taste is EXCEPTIONAL! If you love pears, you’ll love this. It’s a great mix of pear, blueberry, and cranberry juice. Better yet…it’s made WITH real fruit juice! The antioxidant punch, the proprietary blend, and it’s ability to help the body sustain NATURAL energy levels makes this product a game-changer!

It Works Healthy Energy Drink

Energy isn’t available for purchase until March 5, 15, but when it hits the market, you’ll only be able to get it from an authorized rep. Text ‘ENERGY’ to 765*382*WRAP to secure your spot to try one of the only HEALTHY energy drinks on the market: ENERGY!



UPDATE 3-30-15: See My Energy Disclaimer Here

*We are opening in your area for reps of this healthy energy drink. If you know some people who could use a healthy energy drink replacement, and you’d like to earn some cash, click here to Sell Energy.

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