Healthy Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt

Healthy Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt Recipe

I few months back, I came across a pin on Pinterest for a cookie dough yogurt. I’m all for cookie dough…I’m all for cookies. I’m all for chocolate. I’m all for … well, anything sweet!

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The recipe called for plain yogurt, peanut butter, milk chocolate chips, vanilla, and honey. I tried it, and it was OK, but I just kept thinking there had to be a way to make it even more healthy. So, I revamped the recipe to make it a little bit better for you! It’s still obviously a treat, but the health factor is upped by a lot!

Healthy Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt Recipe

1 c Organic Vanilla Greek Yogurt
2 T Pure Almond Butter
20-25 Quality Dark Chocolate Bits (preferably with 70%+ cacao)

When you stir this mix together…oh. my. wow!

This healthy cookie dough Greek yogurt recipe will be your new go-to snack when you’re craving something sweet! It makes you feel like you’re cheating your healthy eating goals, but really you aren’t!

This snack is PACKED with protein and goodness! The yogurt and almond butter provide a huge dose of protein, and the dark chocolate is super good for you too! Tons of antioxidants, for the win!

When you make this healthy cookie dough Greek yogurt…

Be sure to just go ahead and double the recipe! LOL When I make this treat at home, I buy the big tub of vanilla yogurt, mix almond butter in to taste, and put about half a cup of dark chocolate bits in. I just store it in the fridge like that rather than having to mix it up every time.

…Although, if I had to mix it up separately each time, I’d probably eat it less 😉

Will you try my healthy cookie dough Greek yogurt recipe?

If you do, give me a shout! Let me know how you liked it! I’d also be interested to know any other variations you can think of. I love trying new things, and I’d love to feature your recipe if I try it and like it! 🙂

Pin this healthy cookie dough Greek yogurt recipe here, so you can remember it for later 😉


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