Have you ever wondered…?

Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Have you ever wondered if what you “believe” is actually the way it is?

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, a lot of video watching, plugging into people who are where I want to be.

I’ve come to a new thought…

What if what I believe is totally trivial? What if what I have set as a goal for myself is just WAY too low? What if I’m putting myself into a self-made box with a ceiling *I* put there, not even realizing that I am capable of more? What if when I shoot for $1,000, $30,000 is actually JUST as realistic?

What if I am allowing limiting beliefs to determine how I move forward?

Whoa. Powerful right?

I feel like we constantly think we’re pushing ourselves when we set goals in the New Year, but this week I’ve been thinking…

What if what I think is challenging really isn’t?

What if my goals are weenie goals?

What if I’ve only set the goals that I have because in my mind, I am full of limiting beliefs?

What if I could erase those limiting beliefs and realize that the possibilities are LIMITLESS, instead of limited!?

Sounds pretty awesome right?

I’ve been reading a book that has really gotten me thinking that we as humans have all of the power in the world, but we don’t access it. We allow outside sources to determine how we react to life around us.

Why should we react to life? Why should we allow other people or other situations determine our belief for GREAT things for ourselves?

We shouldn’t!

We make our own destiny. We have the capacity to reach any goal. We don’t need to place a ceiling on our goal setting. No one says $30,000 is too much!

This post was mostly a journaling experience for myself, but I decided to make it public because I think other people would benefit from it too.

If I can help people to realize that limiting beliefs will hold them back from their own greatness while I’m helping myself to learn the same thing, then I will feel very blessed that I had the opportunity.

I think people, especially in this day and age, are surrounded by events, stories, people, thoughts which limit them, hold them back, thwart their efforts, shoot them down.

We need to stand up and quit letting outside sources determine our self-worth! We are worth ANYTHING we want to accomplish. And just because society, that friend, or the news says you can’t, doesn’t mean it’s true.

Do me a favor (I’ll be doing it from now on too!)…

If you sit down to set a goal for yourself, up it…by 10.

In 2015 I Will:

Create ways for 110 people to feel beautiful

Show 110 people how to get their sexy back

Teach 110 people a new skill to help them to see more success

Pay It Forward to 11 people per month

What are your goals?

How about upping them to an even BIGGER number! Then raise your belief to realize that you can do it! 😉


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