Hair Skin and Nails hits EUROPE!

hair skin and nails europe

There is a BIG buzz about It Works Hair Skin and Nails! And now…

EUROPE gets to try it too! 😀
hair skin and nails europe
It Works Hair Skin and Nails has been a SUPER popular product in the US, and now it’s gone international recently in Europe, and they’re not moving slowly! Sales are exploding because people can’t wait to get their hands on one of the best hair skin nails vitamins on the market!

Let’s face it, everyone wants longer, stronger, more beautiful locks! We eat right. We shampoo correctly. We try to keep the heat usage to a minimum, but we want even LONGER prettier hair!

Well, it starts from the inside out!

Pretty Hair Skin and Nails are all products of what you put INTO your body.

When you take care of the INSIDE of your body, your hair skin and nails all look, grow and feel better. A healthy diet and balanced supplements can help your nails and hair to grow long and strong and your skin to be clear and smooth.

Getting the recommended water and green veggies every day is a great place to start.

Another great tip for longer, stronger hair is to use a wide-toothed comb while your hair is wet with conditioner while you’re still in the shower. You can also remember to pat-dry your hair instead of rubbing it dry. This causes less friction and breakage for your hair.

Another tip (one of my favorites!) is to do weekly deep conditioning treatments on your hair. Especially in the winter when dry air can make your hair brittle and dry! Just grab a handful of coconut oil and work it into your hair from the tips up to the scalp. This is also good for dry, itchy scalp! Leave the oil on for a couple hours or more, then rinse it away. This leaves your hair feeling SO soft! Try to refrain from washing with shampoo for 24-48 hours after a coconut oil treatment if you can! This helps lock in that moisture and lets your strands soak up all of that coconutty goodness!

A final tip for luscious locks is to take a quality Hair Skin and Nails supplement!

Quality hair skin and nails supplements may seem like a dime-a-dozen, but they really aren’t. Not all supplements are created equal. When looking for a supplement to help you grow healthy, strong hair skin and nails, you want to look at a few numbers.

You should look at the amount of Biotin in your supplement.

This is the main ingredient to jumpstart hair growth. A good amount ranges anywhere from 4,000-5,000 mcg per serving.

You should also choose a supplement with high amounts of zinc and vitamins B, C, and E .

(Click here to get your hands on a quality hair skin and nails supplement that meets all three of these guidelines!)

When you treat yourself from the inside out, your body will thank you by being healthy and strong! Good health starts on the inside, and with the right diet and some quality supplements, your hair skin and nails will do exactly what you want them to!



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