Gel Polish At Home!

Gel Polish At Home

I did NOT know you could do gel polish at home!

I subscribe to Ipsy. It’s a monthly beauty bag that contains 4-5 beauty products, and it’s shipped to your door each month for only $10. I subscribed in August, and I got my first bag this month! I was STOKED! The first thing I noticed in my glam bag was the Sally Hansen Gel Miracle kit! Now I’m not really a nail girl. I’ll paint my nails on rare occasion, but only rarely!


I’m impatient, and I hate waiting on the layers to dry. But when I saw that I could do gel polish at home without the light, I thought it might be a little quicker!

This gel polish at home kit from SH promises 14 days of wear! WHOA!

I don’t know if I believe it! The glam bag gave me RED. RED! I’m SO not a red person, but dang it, I wanted to see if gel polish at home could REALLY last 14 whole days! So what did I do? I painted that BRIGHT CHERRY RED polish right on.

The instructions say to do two layers of the 1st step (the color) followed by one layer of the 2nd step (the clear/gel). Then it said that natural light would do the rest.

What are my thoughts about the SH gel polish at home right now?

I’m torn.

I painted my nails last night (September 14th, 2014). It took at least 30 minutes…and I was (sort of) patient in letting the layers dry. But 30 minutes when the kids are lurking seems like an ETERNITY! Can I get an AMEN from the mamas out there!? 😉

So far with this go-around, I’ve typed a TON, done some dishes, cleaned the bathroom, picked pumpkins, tied shoes, given two baths, and done a load of laundry 😉 And there are no chips and no issues on the ends of my nails (which is usually the 1st place nail polish starts to chip)!

One big reason I don’t do my nails is because the time it takes to do them isn’t worth the chips a day later! This gel polish at home seems like it’s already doing better than normal polish! I’ll be updating this post in 14 days to see if I still have the polish on! 😉 If it doesn’t last 14 days, I’ll update the blog when it gets too bad to leave on anymore!

Have you tried this brand of gel polish at home? Love it or hate it? Comment below!

To help your nails to be stronger and grow longer so you have a BEAUTIFUL palette for your polish, try this!

*This post contains affiliate links. When you order Gel Nails using my link, I get a very small percentage of your sale. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and helps me out a bit! Thank you for clicking if you are interested! 😉

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