Free Chik-fil-A Coffee in February!

Free ChikFilA Coffee February 2015

Free ChikFilA Coffee February 2015


YEP! You read that right! Starting February 1st, Chik-fil-A started it’s FREE Chik-fil-A coffee in February campaign.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have a serious love affair with coffee. I don’t even care what kind. There’s just something about toasty warm coffee to sip on when you’re relaxing, working, chatting…anything really. It’s AWESOME! 🙂

I’m not a coffee snob at all. As long as I have some coffee in my cup, I’m a happy girl. I am a MOM after all 😉 I hadn’t ever tried Chik-fil-A coffee, but hey…it’s FREE! So I like that 😉

(Note: I was not sponsored, contacted, or involved with Chik-fil-A in regards to this post. I am writing it purely because I saw their good deal, tried it, and want to shout them out b/c they’re awesome and to let you know about an awesome freebie!)

So on February 1st, I drove through to grab a cup! I didn’t realize that the freebie included both their hot and new iced coffee as well, so I made a mental note of that for another day!

The coffee was pretty darn good! Nothing fancy (I don’t really like fancy coffee with a bunch of added stuff, so that was a good thing to me!), but solid coffee!

And I’ll be honest, I’ve driven through every day since then! 🙂 PS The vanilla iced coffee is DELISH too!

So today, 11 days into free coffee February, I realized just how awesome Chik-fil-A customer service is. I noticed how chipper they were every day. It’s not often you interact with people at 7:30am that you encounter smiling faces, positive attitudes, and helpful workers. But they always are!

Today, when my lady handed me my coffee, she looked in my eyes and said, “Ma’am, I hope you have a fanTAStic day today”. Well, my my. My heart exploded. So often we rush through everything. Especially in a FAST FOOD DRIVE THROUGH! But she took the time to stop, make eye contact, and wish me the best on my day. #winning
Free ChikFilA Coffee February 2015
And you know, when I realized they were doing Chik-fil-A free coffee February, of course I thought, oh that’s how they getcha! Offer you free coffee for 30 days and get you into the habit of buzzing in there everyday. Then when free coffee February is over, you still wanna buzz in there and think to yourself, oh it’s only $1.69! 😉

But after only 11 days of seeing how sweet they are to their customers, it might be worth it to fall into that marketing ploy 😉

Customer service goes a long way, especially in this day and age. Chik-fil-A has been nailing it for me over the last week or so. If more restaurants, fast food chains, and customer service oriented places did even half as much as Chik-fil-A has accomplished with their cheerfulness and attitude, they’d probably increase their business too!

Seriously, it sounds like Chik-fil-A has paid me to say all this, but I promise they don’t even know I exist (well, the lovely ladies at my local one do…since Feb 1st 😉 ). I just truly believe in giving someone a shout out when they do something right. And I believe in letting you lovelies in on a GOOD FREEBIE! 😀

So, do you have a Chik-fil-A near you? Buzz in and try out their free coffee February deal (hot coffee or iced coffee), and I bet you’ll stick around JUST for the stellar customer service.

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