Ever been in a slump?

Ever been in a slump?

Ever been in a slump?

Ever just feel like you’ve been in a slump lazy? Neglecting your workouts, making poor food choices eating like crap?

Been in a slump?

Ok, maybe it’s just me.

Regardless, over the last 6-8 weeks life has gotten ahold of me, and I have quit every bit of routine I had developed last school year….let me stop one sec…

See I have a first grader, so last year Kindergarten was a big adjustment for all of us! As a stay at home mom, we all slept in and did whatever we wanted. We had meal and naptime routine, but that was about it. When school started, life needed a better schedule…

…so we developed one! And it was awesome! My big kindergartener thrived, and I had WAY more time to work in constructive reading time, workout time, time to work while my youngest was napping. NICE!

And then… DUN DUN DUN…summertime came.

…and all routine went to hell in a hand basket! Don’t get me wrong, it was NICE to sleep in and do whatever we wanted, but as creatures of habit, part of me missed NEEDED my routine…and the biggest part was my WEIGHT!

Over the last year or so I had lost 30 lbs! GO ME! But over the summer, I gained back about 6 or so pounds, and all those size 4 shorts were getting snug way too tight! So with the start of the school year this year, we jumped right back into the routine, and I must say…I feel WAY better already!

 How do you get outta that slump? I’ll tell you what I did!

To start off, I’m reading a book by Zig Ziglar called “See You At The Top” which TOTALLY and COMPLETELY rocks my socks off. It’s old…I mean REAL old, but its SO stinking GOOD! I’d even venture to say “life changing” in the positivity and life-outlook aspects! I have taken so many notes it’s unreal!

Anyway, he encourages you (as silly as it feels) to start your day off clapping your hands and saying “OH BOY! I can’t wait to take advantage of all of the opportunities the world has to offer today!” with a big smile on your face! He encourages you to call them GO LIGHTS instead of stop lights! (After all, stop lights gives off negative meaning!) And one more favorite thing? He encourages you to answer “SUPER GOOD, but I’ll get BETTER!” anytime anyone asks how you’re doing! ( I love that one!) 🙂

So when the alarm goes off at 630 am everyday now, instead of rolling around and feeling grumbly, I just get happy and excited right away! I realize how blessed I am and how exciting the possibilities are, and it’s hard impossible to be negative or grumbly!

SO I get everyone ready, and we head to school (right now, as I buy a new house! We are in transition and have to drive 35 minutes to school…PAIN! BUT, we turn it into good! We talk, spell words, sing songs, and do happy things!).

When I get home, I’m ready to knock things out! I start the coffee {DUH!}, laundry, make the beds…

…just like every other stay at home mom in the world! Haha

And then I sit down with my coffee and start in on some personal development. I can’t tell you how imperative it has become for me to sit down with a positive, enlightening, and informative book to get my brain going first thing! I take notes…and that’s awesome too!

Then, with my brain fully stretched and ready to rock the day, I do a little baby workout!

If you don’t think that after positivity, coffee, mind-feeding, and a workout, that my body and brain is PUMPED to rock out the rest of the day, you are CRAZY! 🙂 TRY it! 🙂

Now listen, I started this blog talking about my waist line needing some regimen…and so my little baby workout isn’t ALL I do to keep it in check!

GREENS! With my light lunch every day, I take my It Works Global Greens. This helps me get the vitamins and nutrients I know I’m not getting in food! That’s an integral part of my routine everyday too now! Love it!

And when I suck at food, I pop some Fat Fighters. I don’t know where I’d be without them! I do NOT have the greatest will power, so when I suck…

….It’s Fat Fighter to the rescue!

Can you get outta your slump? Of course you can!!!

I’m really not trying to sell you guys. Seriously, to each his own. But I am trying to let you know what I do every day to keep my mind pumping and my waist size down! I totally DIG my routine, b/c I know it works! I just think sometimes you all wanna know what I’m like before you decide if you wanna believe in what I’m telling you! So here I am…in all my glory! 😉

I hope you have a great day on the day you read this, and I hope that I can inspire you to make positive changes in your life that enable you to feel as good *SUPER GOOD* as I do!

ever been in a slump?

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