2015 Is Going To Be Epic…And Dare I Say, FIERCE!

Epic 2015



I came across this graphic in my newsfeed a day or two ago, and just instantly fell in love with it.

I’ve been on a real journey lately with believing in more for myself.

Striving to FEEL better…

Striving to GIVE better…

Striving to BE better…

I loved that this one graphic embodied every goal I’m setting for myself for the upcoming year.

These things may not be concrete steps or attainable “on paper” type goals, but in everything I strive to accomplish in this EPIC 2015, I will strive for these character traits.

I will be FIERCE!

One of my favorite shows is America’s Next Top Model. (I swear SHE made the word “fierce” what it is today!)

When I saw this image and it ended like it did with FIERCE, I knew I was meant to see it.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been reading a book called “The Motivation Manifesto” by Brendon Burchard. Go ahead and buy it right now if you follow my blog at all b/c I’ll be referencing it, suggesting it, and all out SCREAMING at you to buy the book. It’s only $7 shipped.

No excuses. It will change your life.

So anyway, the book is all about looking inward so that you can truly experience LIFE and give of yourself to those around you MORE.

For me, the book has really made me stop using excuses that are clearly ego based, and to realize that I’m holding myself back.

We are so much more than we’re allowing ourselves to be. We limit ourselves DAILY. Why?

There’s truly no sense it that. We are created in AWESOMENESS! (Did I just make that word up!? Who cares! It’s TRUE!)

So this year, I intend to EXUDE that awesomeness.

To give more to those I come into contact with.

To deliver value to those who run across me or my content online.

To be BRAVE in encountering and trying new things.

To be strong and know that I am worth it.

To be kind to those who can return that kindness…and those who can’t.

I will be FIERCE.

I will FIERCELY strive.

I will FIERCELY love.

I will FIERCELY give.

I will FIERCELY be.


How will YOU be FIERCE in this EPIC 2015?

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